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It seems like only 2 weeks ago, I presented the last insanely awesome game deal. So many games, united in one package, with a choose your own price vibe. Now, I am back to do it all again! That's right folks, the Humble Bundle is back! Well, that's not entirely true. The Humble Bundle hasn't actually gone away, this is just a new bundle. Last time, there were a slew of games from Deep Silver, this time... It's a bunch of Origin games. That is to say, games from the hive of scum and villainy known in polite circles as "EA".

For a minimum contribution of 5 dollars you get 8 games! 

  1. - Dead Space 1  (Origin Price: 19.99)
  2. - Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box  (Origin Price: 19.99)
  3. - Crysis 2: Maximum Edition  (Origin Price 29.99)
  4. - Mirror's Edge  (Origin Price: 19.99)
  5. - Dead Space 3  (Origin Price: 39.99)
  6. - Medal of Honor  (Origin Price: 19.99)
  7. - Battlefield 3   (Origin Price: 19.99)
  8. - The Sims 3 + Starter Pack  (Origin Price: 29.99)

Essentially 200 dollars worth of games, for 5 bucks... An amazing deal right? 

Also, you can choose to donate what you send all to charity, with several really good charities set to benefit from this. Get some great games for the PC, and help out worth charities! This one is a win for everyone!