Once again I dive head first into the world of the Fairytale Games! This time, I pit two famous characters that, under different circumstance, may have found themselves allies, against each other in mortal combat! Stick around after the story, and vote for who you think should win the NEXT battle!

She stood there panting, her battle ax still lodged firmly in the back of the nameless victim that had dared to cross her. The queens believed themselves to be above all of this, but Alice saw these games for what they were, her chance for revenge. For as long as she could remember, her life had been dictated by the whimsy of the Queen of Hearts. Now, the Queen sought a champion in this game of death. Alice had no interest in winning, all she cared about was finding the Queen, and ending her miserable existence.

She wrenched her ax free, and wiped the blood on the dead grass before replacing it on her back. She checked her supplies and let out a small grunt of frustration. The seemingly endless battles had forced her to run through a lot of her assorted goods. She was going to have to head back to her stash soon, and stock back up if she was going to have any hope of defeating the queen.

The feeling of eyes watching her preceded the sound of crackling underbrush. In a blink, she had her ax in hand, and had flung it at the noise in a deadly spinning arc. A shout of surprise and the sound of the blade burying itself in the trunk of a tree rang through the air. She looked at where the ax had hit, and growled when she saw the hat sitting atop the blade.

“Show yourself, you sycophantic bastard.” Alice spat out through clenched teeth. She found herself wishing she hadn’t thrown her ax blindly like that, and had waited to see who the attacker was. Her paranoia was making her sloppy “Show yourself so I can remove that head from your shoulders.”

Yellow-gloved hands appeared from the underbrush, followed briefly by a garish coat that would have put a court jester to shame. The man was tall, and thin as can be. His strange blue hair stuck out at odd angles, framing a face dominated by cold, dead eyes. Those eyes sent shivers down her spine. Ever since the first time she had seen them so many years ago, they had been a cause for terror. Now, in the middle of this violent blood sport, those cold eyes once again made her knees tremble.

As he walked slowly past his hat, still sitting atop the ax’s blade, he nonchalantly flicked his wrist and, as if by magic, his hat was in his hands. He walked slowly, each step with purpose, lowering his hands only briefly to place his hat back on his head. “Ah, I thought I spied you, my dear, sweet Alice. So glad to see you’re still counted amongst the living. It would have been such a shame for one of your particular skills to have been bested this early in the games.”

“Cut the crap, Hatter.” Alice eyed the distance between her, and her ax. The Hatter posed a formidable obstacle. “I know all of your tricks, and you won’t be getting inside my head this time.”

The hatter bowed, doffing his cap to her. “You wound me, my dear.” His words were honey sweet, slow, and soothing. Despite herself, she felt the urge to trust him. Only her anger managed to anchor her and keep her mind from drifting away on those gentle reassurances. “I’m stuck in this, just like you. The queen sent me away when she started these games. ME! Her loyal servant tossed aside like the regular rabble. For once, I do believe, our goals just might be the same.”

“And what makes you think I would ever work with you?” Alice maneuvered slowly to the left, making her way gradually toward her ax, while keeping the Hatter in site. She knew all too well what the marks on his clothing meant, and she knew just how dangerous he could be. “You’ve killed my friends, ruined every small shred of happiness I ever hoped to obtain. The only thing I want from you, is to give you even a small fraction of the pain you visited upon me.”

“Please, Alice.” The emotion in his voice sounded almost genuine. “I am a victim here, the same as you. We've both been taken, but together... Together we could show the Queen what happens when you mistreat your loyal subjects.” He stood there, his eyes trained on Alice, as she moved toward her ax. “Why. Once we get rid of her... perhaps we might welcome Queen Alice to the throne?”

Her hand paused on the long handle of the ax. Unbidden images of her dressed as a queen flooded her brain. A Wonderland restored to the storybook splendor she had so often dreamt about. It was a glorious vision, full of happiness and joy the likes of which she had never known. It was the happiness that gave away the lie of it all, though. There was no such thing for Alice, it was an illusion. An illusion so often shattered by the Hatter.

With a howl of rage, she ripped the ax back out of the tree with one hand, and slammed the handle down. “You want me to be Queen?” She kicked the handle of the ax, and spun it around, to finally point it at the Hatter. “Well, Queen Alice says... Off with his head!”

With a grunt, she charged at him, the ax held in a two-handed grip. When she got within range, she swung the ax with a force that would have easily shattered bone, had the Hatter not danced out of the way. A small explosion of blue hair filled the air, telling the Hatter just how close he had come to death.

He let loose with a maniacal laugh, and spun away. “Well. If we can't be friends, I suppose I shall have to kill you. A pity.” He dodged the flurry of attacks coming from the enraged Alice without breaking a sweat. Reaching into his coat, he pulled out a small teapot, and with practiced ease, smashed it into the handle of the ax. Immediately it began to sizzle, and the next swing, sent the blade flying as the acid managed to eat away the handle. “Tsk-tsk, my dear. You seem to have lost your blade!” He jumped backward, flipping through the air. When he landed, his hat was in his hand, and a deadly smile was on his face. “Here, borrow mine!”

Alice reached for the pouch at her waist, as the Hatter flung his hat. She managed to get her hand with the small capsule to her mouth, just as the hat fell over her head. She swallowed, praying that she hadn't over-played her hand. The liquid did its work, as the hatter pulled the string attached to his hat, she briefly felt the prick of the hat's blades around her neck before she shrank out of the way.

There wasn't enough in that capsule to last long, so time was short. Alice counted the seconds as she rode along inside the hat, plotting her next move.

The hat came to a halt, jostling Alice around, before a hand reached in and snatched her out. “Alice. Do you really think you could use a trick like that to pull one over on me?” He punctuated his words by lightly squeezing her, just hard enough to be painful, but not quite hard enough to be deadly. He lifted her up, so that she was closer to his face. “Don't you think your friends tried that same thing? It's been done! And now, so are you.”

Alice winced in pain, as he began squeezing again. “24....25....”

The squeezing stopped. “What's this? Why are you counting?”

“…29…30!” Alice grinned, as she rapidly began growing back to full height. “I imagine that my friends probably had a full dose.”

The Hatter squealed in pain, as the girl’s rapid growth snapped his fingers back. As he nursed his injured hand, Alice smiled, and removed another item from the pouch on her hip. She popped the small cake pop into her mouth, and reached out to grab the Hatter by the throat. In a blink, she was growing to an immense size; the sudden burst of growth lifted him high up into the air.

She slowly squeezed him, loving the genuine look of terror that finally registered on his face. She continued squeezing, watching as his eyes bulged, and he tried to squirm his way loose. With a final squeeze, she heard bones snap, and watched with a sense of satisfaction, as blood gushed from his mouth. She dropped his lifeless form to the ground, and gave it a mighty stomp, before she found herself returned to her normal height.

“I really liked that ax…” She mumbled as she went to pick up the blade. This time, she ignored the feeling of prying eyes, as she walked off to find herself a new ax, and seek her vengeance on the queen. 

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