I don't often reiterate the stuff I put in the opening, but... I think for those that get direct linked in, this is worth repeating! 

Another movie off my most anticipated list. And this movie is the Kick-Ass sequel to the Kick-Ass movie "Kick-Ass". I think it should go without saying, that there are parts of this review that will necessitate heavy swearing. This movie, kinda thrives on a culture of violence and filthy language. So, get ready to put a dollar in the swear jar, as I review "Kick-Ass 2"

Ok, I honestly hope that the above warning was just me being overly cautious. No one goes into a movie called "Kick-Ass" and expects there to be no swearing, tight? And no one would go into a movie like this without expecting a little violence, right? These things are all understood, I hope. I really hope so. If you saw the first movie, you know the story thus far. If you haven't stop reading right now, because ahead there be spoilers (for the first movie). 

The first movie was the story of Dave Lizewski, an everyday geek who decided to put on a suit, and try to show crime that there were still people willing to fight back, even in a world without superheroes. Along the way, he teams up with Big Daddy, and Hit Girl, and eventually, The Red Mist. Bad shit happens, Red Mist turns out to be the bad guy, Big Daddy gets burned to a crisp, and finally Kick-Ass blows up the Red Mist's father witha  fuckin' Bazooka.  

All of that paves the way for this movie. The Red Mist is gone, having been basically grounded by his mother. That does not stop his murderous intentions. He wants to see Kick-Ass pay for the explosive death that was dealt to his father. This paves the way for what amounts to a giant revenge movie, complete with gangsters, blood, and a wonderful fight on top of a moving vehicle.

The movie attempts to take the first movie, and kick it up a notch, with more people in goofy ass costumes,   More over-the-top fights, and possibly the greatest attempt by a scary giant body-builder lady, to take out a large number of police officers. Seriously... Mother Russia is scary!

An avatar made on the movie's home page... because I can!

The real star of this movie is Chloe Grace Moretz. Her character of Hit Girl really serves as a great focal point to the entire movie, in fact, I would go so far as to say this is HER movie, and not Kick-Ass' movie. The movie follows Hit Girl's inner conflict, as she tries to adjust to a "normal" life, after a life lived under the influence of Big Daddy. Seriously, who could adjust to a "normal" life after being raised by Nic Cage? That dude is so bat shit crazy, it is a wonder he is not locked away by the men in the white coats.  You grow up with that man as your father, you're lucky if the worst you end up doing is donning a purple wig and stabbing gutter trash.  

All in all, I believe this movie delivers the goods. It was a fun, lighthearted orgy of blood, destruction, and mayhem. And with a character calling himself "The Motherfucker" you know this movie delivers on the vulgarity, too!

RECOMMENDATION:  This movie was a blast. However, leave your kids at home! The movie is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the easily offended. So, if you are worried about violence in the movies, you may want to steer clear. If you are like me however, and can see the violence in the movies, and realize it is all fake, and can appreciate a well choreographed battle between a giant Russian lady and a 15 year old girl in a purple wig, this movie is for you!

IS IT THEATER WORTHY:  Yeah. It is hard for me to say that about many things, byt some of the fights are so big and out there, that this movie just has to be seen up on the screen. As scary as Mother Russia is, she manages to have some really awesome scenes that are so entirely unbelievable, that I am still in shock! 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  This is the type of movie that critics tend to loathe, and the 27% it is sitting on over at Rotten Tomatoes says that load and clear. However, this movie is something that will appeal to the fans, and it knows its audience well. Ignore the critics, grab the popcorn, and get ready to have your ass kicked!

FINAL SCORE:   8.75 out of 10