"Ducktales: Remastered" 

Publisher: CAPCOM

Developer: WayForward

Release Date: 8/13/13

Platform: PS3 (and most other major consoles) 


Ok...I don't think I will ever get tired of finding reasons to put that trailer in posts! I want to hunt down the developer, just so I can try and do an interview, and have an excuse to feature this trailer again!

So, I said when I mentioned this game back on Tuesday, that the original Ducktales (Woo-oo) was the first game I ever remember beating. That little bit of trivia factors heavily into the decision to purchase and then spend some time playing through remastered visions of my childhood! 

That was exactly what it was. The game played out as an HD vision of childhood joy. Every time I turned the game on, it was like I was 9 years old again. Not only was I playing one of the most beloved games of my childhood I was playing it while watching the characters lovingly animated to look like their cartoon counterparts, and voiced by as many of the original actors as I think was possible. (several of the originals are sadly no longer with us.)  

Add to all of that the redone music, and you have the perfect recipe for flashbacks to a simpler time. It is a brilliant little contrivance that stands in stark counterpoint to my recent review of "Kick-ass 2". This is a game that doesn't rely on violence, but rather on the old NES standby of "jumping on the enemy's head", with the added twist of the pogo-cane. There is no real "points" just a series of collecting the various gems that appear magically as you jump through the varied levels of the game. 

The game, is a flawless re-imagining of the original, with some added goodies to encourage replay. I want game manufacturers, movie directors, and people the world over to take note; THIS is how you do a proper remake. You remember the roots, you recreate the basics n loving detail, and you don't disrespect the source material. This is a game, that even though my PS3 is not in peek working condition, I will be playing on a regular basis, just to unlock all of the concept art, and various other unlockables. 

Recommendation: This is the type of game I recommend to anyone trying to recapture their childhood. For anyone who has become disenfranchised with the endless stream of violent games, and sequels to violent games. For the parent, trying to show their children what games used to be like. This... this is awesome.

 Final Thoughts: Never before have I been so overjoyed by a failed jump. Never before has a video game death made me practically sequel with delight. Yes, I do exult in the ultra-violence of the modern gaming market, but... There comes a time, when one must be reminded of their roots, and take a bite out of that piece of gaming nostalgia that got you hooked in the first place. This, is one history lesson, that I am glad I took.

Player 2 Score:  9.5 out of 10