Now, by now you may have noticed, that I don't always pick movies I think are "good" sometimes I pick things that are jokes, things that make me just laugh. Movies that had a week long run in the theater, before getting quietly removed, to avoid further studio embarrassment Movies, that the critics tore to shreds. Maybe even a movie that is included as part of an insane plot to get you to watch it, and thus further my plans of world domination. Will there be one of those movies today? We shall see! On to the list!

1)  EPIC

This movie wasn't necessarily shredded by the critics, but rather sat at a fairly middling 64% on the Tomatometer. Just enough to be barely fresh. This movie is the cinematic equivalent of produce bought at Walmart, just barely fresh enough to be sold. While sporting a decent enough voice cast, and being, by all accounts, beautifully animated, this film failed to catch the public's eye. Now, less than 3 months after the theatrical release, it is showing up on disc, so...if you wanted to watch it, but couldn't afford to drag the kids to the theater, now is your chance to plop 'em down in front of the big screen TV, and be glad you didn't pay to see this in theaters! Click below to pick up a copy! Blu-ray on the left, DVD on the Right.


Well, this one is hardly a new release, you know... since the movie is about 60 years old. It is listed on Amazon's new release list however, and that is good enough for me. This is one of those movies that  has been viewed now by so many, that it has become the face of Peter Pan for innumerable individuals. The movie is sitting at a shocking 75% on the Tomatometer, considering the love I hear piled on this movie, I find that hard to swallow. But, if you grew up watching this movie, as so many of you probably did, and if you don't already have a copy in your collection, now might be the time to snatch it up! Actually, pick this one up and let your kids watch this as opposed to the movie above... there is definitely something to be said for the classics. Click below for the DVD.


Send away the kids, because here comes the Saints! Hopefully it goes without saying, but "Saints Row IV" is the sequel to "Saints Row: The Third", a game that stands out as one of the most potentially messed up games I have ever played. Originally playing as a sort of "Urban" Grand Theft Auto, the game eventually went bigger, and more insane. So insane in fact, that in the third game, you could create characters ranging from a lovable cartoon mascot, to an obese black woman in dominatrix gear, armed with a giant purple dildo. Yeah, the depth of character customization is pretty intense. If the action in the last game is any indication, you can expect some insane action, and more explosions than a Michael Bay movie with this new iteration. Available in the prerequisite variety of versions, Amazon is selling 2 different collector's editions, as well as standard editions across 4 different platforms! If you aren't easily offended, and want a game that will give you stuff to do for a long time to come, pick this game up! Click the images below to get yours! Ps3 on the left, XBox 360 on the right.