The Kickstarter for this project ended a little over a month ago. So, the ink is still practically drying on the pages of #2. A few things of note on this one. It is an anthology, so crediting a single writer, or artist is pretty difficult. As such, I will have to direct you over to THIS website, where you can purchase the comic, and learn more about the guy behind the project.

With that said, I think it is time to jump into the review. Volume one, consists of the stories "Through The Eyes of Grizelda" and "The Great Vermin". The latter of the two, has a sort of "Twilight Zone" vibe to it, that is rather enjoyable. Artistically, it feels like something that would have fit in perfectly with MTV's "Liquid Television" back in the day. It's a little odd, without being awful. It's... honestly hard to explain. Take a look at the image here from "Through the Eyes of Grizelda" for an example. It is fun, without going for the insane sort of hyper-realism style that seems to be favored by many. The style is complementary to the subject matter, and that honestly works for me.  These two stories, are simple, easy, and told with enough flare to be entertaining. If it were just these two stories that I was reviewing, the scoring would be slightly different. However, volume 2 brings on 3 more stories.

Volume 2 includes "The Painted Ladies of San Quentin", "The Courier", and "Thirteen". "Thirteen" has a noir-sh feel to it, and is a very quick read. Nice and gory, I think it might rank as my favorite of the three stylistically. "The Courier" is another Sci-fi story, I can't quite put my finger on the style, but the story is quick, and easy, once more with art that fits the story.

However, the first story, "The Painted Ladies of San Quentin" is the one that I have the biggest issue with, and ultimately harms the final score. Artistically, it maintains that same style that was seen in "Grizelds" and "The Vermin", trading in the vibrant colors for a much more subdued sepia-tone. I will not fault it at all for the art. I find the story to be somewhat lacking, however. In the end, the story just doesn't draw me in, and considering that is the majority of the second book, the score suffers a bit for it. In the end, this story is a pseudo-western, that languishes in a certain sort of stylized violence that, even though I am no fan of the story, I can't help but enjoy. Yeah, that's right, some good violence can always win me back.

Final Thoughts: This is a set of comics, that tells a multitude of different stories, rife with violence, blood, and necromancy. While the stories do not always click, I believe that the artistic stylings make up for the short-comings. A big plus, is the second volume where there are three distinct art styles. Granted, this takes away from the art that had the quirky sort of MTV animation vibe to it, it is still a refreshing change of pace. All in all, these two anthologies are fun, and work really well as a whole. They can be purchased on Jason Lenox's website.

 22 Page Grade: B- (It should be noted, this is colored a bit by my dislike of the Western genre)