REVIEW: 'The World's End' - The Cornetto is Nigh

Yep. I'm an Edgar Wright fan.  Not just because I dig zombies (that zed word) and buddy-cop films. Not just because he can weave romance and hilarity where they ought not to be. And not just because everyone else seems to be a fan as well. Currently, both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are atop a mighty throne over at Rotten Tomatoes with a respectable and awfully certifiable Fresh Rating with a 91% each.

I'm an Edgar Wright fan because he clearly gives a sh*t about what he's doing. You can see it on the screen with every take. Where I admire say; Joss Whedon's approach to film-making and how he can sustain a beautifully long take where a typical director would hack it up to save time. Edgar Wright knows how to shoot that same scene and splice it together with such finesse and chaos, that you can do nothing but respect the amount of work that goes into it. And his newest film and final entry into The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, The World's End is no exception.

Now where should I begin? With Shaun, we all know it's a satire of Wright's love of George A. Romero's "Dead" films with a side of rom-com.  Then with Fuzz, it obviously pokes fun at the typical Hollywood buddy-cop/action genre that even includes a twist ending. And please do not mistake these films as parodies. Yes, they sully and pay tribute to their influences but most importantly; their honest entries into those genres as well.

The World's End feels a little different. As you might have already seen in the official trailer, it's a reunion of sorts as a man played by Simon Pegg gathers up his old crew for one more attempt at "The Golden Mile". A massive mile long pub crawl of epic proportions within their hometown of Newton Haven.

  1. The First Post
  2. The Old Familiar
  3. The Famous Cock
  4. The Crossed Hands
  5. The Good Companions
  6. The Trusty Servant
  7. The Two-Headed Dog
  8. The Mermaid
  9. The Bee Hive
  10. The King's Head
  11. The Hole in the Wall
  12. The World's End

Upon their return, they notice something is amiss. That the Newton Haven townsfolk seem a might unsettling. Robots? Aliens? Bright blue lights and strange siren-y sounds? I assure you, this is the works of a brilliant invasion/apocalypse comedy. When I mentioned that The World's End feels different; my meaning is that it surprisingly has a lot of heart.

From the beginning, you're introduced to the entire gang from youth to present day including Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman (Bilbo!), Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan. The chemistry between each of the characters feels real, as if they knew each other for years. Wait, I guess most of them have. Anyway, with all the quips, sayings, bullshit, and stories they tell over their foamy treats, it's like they were pulled out of someone's life. On top of all that, they were all given such different roles from what I'm used to seeing them perform. I often forgot I was watching the same guy who played "Ed" in Shaun of the Dead, act as a serious character. It's quite admirable and refreshing to see actors dabble outside their comfort zone.

Following the introduction, the quick pace writings of Wright and Pegg's script begin to shine through with more original material than the previous Cornetto films. The laughter in the sold out theatre was non-stop; which by all means, made the experience that much more enjoyable. Now, I know what you must be thinking... but what about the blue lit, alien-robot, body snatching antagonists? They're another kind of hilarious. Admittedly kind of creepy but they carry their own sense of lifeless quirk. I don't want to give away too much because well... you know. It's worth the discovery. Especially the way the guys explain it to one another after a few too many pints. 

I firmly believe that Edgar Wright benefited from his action heavy outing with Scott Pilgrim vs The World, simply because this movie is amped up to another level. Where I would consider Hot Fuzz's action to be fun but at times a tad too cut-y (for my taste), I think World's End pays off in a big way. Longer takes and seamless transitions from one brawl to another plays out as an overall, more cohesive set piece. Oh! Try to imagine the first time you ever saw From Dusk Till Dawn. Half outlaw kidnapping movie, half crazy vampire movie. And the reveal and/or encounter with the first robot alien thingie-bob, sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Here are some things that shouldn't surprise anyone because it's what we all expect. You'll see sprinkles of cameos from past actors and notable actors throughout the entire film (psst, Pierce Brosnan). Mannerisms and actions from the last two films still carry over into World's End without being forced. And the use of the word f*ck lives well within the script. I mean, spoiler but these mates do get a little sloshed.


If you loved EITHER of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, go see this now. Seriously. Stop reading this and let's boo-boo! (you'll understand that later)

Would I consider this film theatre worthy?

Oh yes. I guess since I went to a premier showing, I couldn't imagine a better setting. It doesn't matter if you even have a talker around you... so much is going on within The World's End that it'll get drowned out. Go with friends, share a few dozen laughs, and then go out on the town.

Final Thoughts:

From the script to the stage, sounds to the edits, and The First Post to The World's End; this finale was everything I wanted it to be without knowing how to define that to begin with. Once again, the team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & the crew of Working Title made the best movie they could... and boy was it worth the wait.

Slamfist Rating: 9.5 out of 10