SUPARA UPDATE: #3 - Forging Foundations

Good morning ladies and gents, I would like to start off by saying thank you and… it worked! My meaning is that I’ve received quite a bit of feedback here as of late for the first two posts for “Khai of Q’wenu”. It was a slow start but reactions trickled in from various friends, family, and even a friend who happens to be an editor for an indie publisher. I finally heard some real and educated critiques for once but overall, everything I got back was positive. The only big thing is that I’m just so used to scripts and stories from a first person perspective that interjecting dialogue into a traditional third person perspective and be kind of tricky. It’s hard to shake those traits but I must say; a few tips go a long way to streamlining some my quirks so thank you (you know who you are). Other than that, I hope you checked it out as well! It’s an interesting venture. Stressful to say the least but whenever I’m stuck; I pick up a copy of Isaac Asimov’s or Dan Abnett’s work and read a chapter.

Khai of Q’wenu - Chapter 2: Western Winds is near completion (with a few changes needed to streamline it) and it’s sitting comfortably around 1,700 words. Not as nearly taxing as the first chapter’s 2,300 word outing. Western Winds reminds me of some events that take place in The Lord of the Rings. Lots of walking! If you remember from the end of Chapter 1, some talk of a storm is coming as Khai and his soldier companion Timoh, take to the high ground while avoiding capture from the Chunar. Of course, not everything goes as planned. Western Winds is due to post next month!

Now onto the other "Foundation Files" projects. They differ from Khai’s continuing saga because for right now, they’re considered “one-shots”. Not writing to a fixed conclusion but they act as a nice slice of an origin to introduce the other members of The Foundation. So far in the bank we have Star Striker, Shifter, and The Reader. Each character’s origin is written in a completely different style from within a completely different genre. We’re attempting this approach because it’s not only beneficial to you as the reader; it’s also a nice workshop for us as well. Once those are posted, we’ll go into detail why we chose that genre and that style for that particular character on the next Supara Update. Other than that, expect more content from the Supara Universe every Saturday until we run out of steam.

Anyway, thanks for checking in, thanks for all the help, and thanks for staying interested. Trust me when I say a little goes a long way here and it keeps us motivated.

NOTE: We’re currently looking for an artist to help us makes covers, character concepts, landscapes, and help develop our city of Supara (the look and feel). Please comment below or contact us if you're interested. Any and all help will be much appreciated.