"Zoe: Out of Time" 

By: J. Michalski (Creator/writer), Alexander Lagos (Creator/Writer), Derlis Santacruz (Artist) and Oren Kramek (Colorist) 

A cover image, as seen on the official Facebook page:

The story, as outlined on the official Facebook page is as follows, "What happens when a time travel device falls into the hands of a rebellious, teenage girl? CHAOS!". From what I have seen, Zoe is the story of Zoe, a rebellious Teenager from the year 2050, that manages to get in trouble with the law, and uses a time machine for the most obvious purposes possible. Although, honestly if I was her, I would have gone back to see Nirvana, just saying.

As is the case with almost every comic, while story is important, this is a primarily visual medium. So bad art can sabotage a great story, Likewise, great art can save a bad story. Not mentioning the story just yet, because I have to rant and rave about this art. It is, if you will pardon the hyperbole for a moment, some of the greatest damned art I have ever seen. The interior art lives up to the promise of the cover art, and that art is simply exquisite. The team of Santacruz and Kramek work wonderfully together to deliver some amazing visuals, with near flawless execution. I can honestly say, I want to see more from this team, and I want to see it now! I feel bad for all future comics brought before me, because the art bar has been set very high. 

As far as the story is concerned, I must say, I enjoy what has been presented so far. Time travel, a little bit of hero worship, and you have a great set up for a limited series. The story has a great pace, and I look forward to seeing how they resolve the possibility of paradox, and the other potential pitfalls of time travel. If there is any negative I can offer so far, it is that I don't have the full story yet! So I can't fully comment on things, since I have no idea how it will end. By the end of the second issue, I will say that there is a good conflict brewing, in addition to the dilemma created at the end of issue one and the beginning of issue two. There is a lot out there, but the story-telling is competent and I have full faith they will manage to pull things together by the end of the 4th issue.

Also, I should mention.... these comics are insanely affordable. 2 dollars an issue on Amazon. Compared to the minimum of 3 dollars an issue you would pay for a major mainstream title, and without the incessant ads! Granted, these are only digital copies, so the collectors out there may revolt, but... Seriously, for the art alone this is totally worth it. Also, I want to take a moment to address Team Zoe directly here... Guys, Sell Prints NOW! The art is worth it, and I would be honored to be able to hang this on my wall!

Some Interior Art, for your viewing pleasure

 Final Thoughts:  

There are few comics going today that I am this enthusiastic about. Honestly, I would drop about 90% of the titles I am currently reading for this one. Considering the number of titles I pick up, that is a LOT of titles. This is the sort of limited series that makes me hope a sequel is in the works, and you better believe if I get a chance to interview the team, I will be asking about plans for a sequel. 

22 Page Score: A Very Solid--- A .           (Buy it below. You'll be glad you did. The image on the left will take you to issue 1, the image on the right will take you to issue 2.)