So it is time for me to check out Kickstarter once more, and delve into the wealth of games that are currently littering her hallowed halls. If anyone asks why I favor games in my perusals, there is a fairly simple reason for that. I find it much easier to find interesting projects in the games section. In Film, for me at least, it is a bit of a crap shoot if I will find anything I like. Most of the time, when it is non game related, it is because someone else brought it to my attention. The games that follow, are all ones I stumbled across, and all of them have already met their funding goal, so jumping on board, you'll just be helping to get to the various stretch goals!

1) Firefly: Out to the Black

If there is one thing that is pretty much universally loved at Slamfist Media, it is the work of Joss Whedon. More specifically, his cancelled-before-its-time series Firefly. I can not confirm or deny having Firefly and Serenity on both Blu-ray and DVD. With that being said, another thing we all seem to love, is games. In all honesty, I think pretty much every meeting we have at some point devolves into a night of gaming. When I saw that there was a game being Kickstarted that combined both games and Firefly, I knew there was a game that I was going to have to at least mention on the blog. The only thing that worries me a bit, is  can't find anything on the main page stating that the company has obtained the license to print this. So there is that. It all looks shiny, but.... you know caveat emptor and all that shenanigans . If this sounds like a project you can get behind, you can get the full game for 30 bucks. But, toss in 65 bucks and you'll get all stretch goals, and a plush Mal Reynolds.

2) King's Forge

In the same vein as "Dwarven Miner" before it,King's Forge appears to be a game all about crafting. Interestingly enough, this game is also being done by Game Salute. Seriously, Game Salute seems to do more Kickstarters than any other single group I've seen. As their booth at Origins showed me, their product line is an eclectic mx, that kind of baffles the mind. This game, is a game that apparently has over 100 dice, in at least 4 colors, each color represents a different material. In this way, it is separated from Dwarven Miner, which uses cards to represent materials. A fun thing about this campaign, is that the pledge tiers are simple... There are only 2 of them! For the majority of people, the $39 tier will have to suffice, because the $200 tier is a limited reward. So, for 39 bucks you get 100+ dice, and a game to go along with them. Check it out!

3) Chaos and Alchemy

Seriously... I should have called this the "Game Salute Trifecta", because yep... three games, all being done by Game Salute. This game, is sort of a crafting game, but this time with alchemy. The ultimate goal appears to be creating the best alchemical laboratory, through a series of dice rolls and card gathering. An interesting thing about this particular project, is that the game's creator actually made a limited print run of this game last year. So technically, the game already exists. This campaign is to get the game updated art, and out to a wider audience. So, click on the link, scroll through the project, and check out some of the reviews they have posted. After that, toss 25 bucks their way to insure yourself a copy of the game when it ships.

Well, that does it for this edition of the Kickstarter roundup! If you have any suggestions, for future projects to discuss, leave them in the comments below. If you are running a Kickstarter campaign and would like to get featured, use the "Contact" link above. 

Until next time!