How did I forget about video games? Seriously? It's not like I haven't owned a large number of those time-wasting disks in my life. Sure, I've owned a lot more DVDs but still... I feel like an idiot to have forgotten them. Not today, though. Today, I have movies, TV shows, and Blu-rays all for you! Shall we begin? 


Not to be confused with the Elder Scrolls game of the same name, this Oblivion, is the Tom Cruise movie that no one actually watched in the theaters. Sitting at a 54% on the Tomatometer, this movie is apparently not universally loathed by the critics, but rather inspired a sort of "meh" reaction. From all accounts, it was a beautiful movie, that suffered heavily from a weak script. This left the movie to stand on CGI and Tom Cruise. Honestly, that doesn't get you very far. Pick it up now from Amazon, and see what you missed in theaters... or if you were one of the ones that actually did see it, see it again! Click the image below to purchase this movie. 


Summer is over, and it is time for class to get back in session. Joel McHale and his ragtag group of misfits are back in this series that seems to be constantly facing the ax. Another season of wackiness awaits. This season suffers a bit, due to the departure of show-runner Dan Harmon, but does a passable job of keeping things going. Pick it up and prepare for Season 5: Revenge of the Harmon! No, seriously... watch it so this show can stay on the air! Click the image below to purchase this season on DVD.


Since I first played "Tales of Destiny" I have been in love with Namco's "Tales" series of games. On the most part, they are all completely unrelated, linked only by the inclusion of the word "Tales" in the title. Well, except Tales of Destiny 2... but that is beside the point. Once again Namco is bringing one of the Tales games over to the states, and I am practically giddy. In fact, this one... this one gets the trailer, as well as the amazon link! Watch the trailer. then click on the image below to buy the game!


What is Nintendo without a Mario game of some variety? So, should it be any wonder that there is another Mario game coming, this time heavily dependent on Mario's much-maligned sibling? And should it be any wonder that even though this is a Luigi-based game, Mario still gets top billing? So, in a game that uses Luigi as a weapon of mass destruction, you still play primarily as Mario... and still that princess manages to be captured. I think they need to just let her get kidnapped. Maybe, make a game where she has to save herself, because Mario is fed up with her shit? Are you listening Nintendo? Make it happen! Oh well. Click on the image below to buy the game!