Last week, I posted my review of a comic called "Zoe: Out of Time". Well, technically it is Zoë, but finding that little accented e is a pain, so... I'm gonna stick with Zoe. If you missed the review, check it out HERE. Then, a few days ago, I interviewed one of the other creators. His interview can be found HERE. If you've already read the review, you know that I was raving about it. I may or may not have said it was great, and praised the creators as geniuses. Well, I know I did one of those two things. Today, I post the second part of the interview I did with the creators. For more info on the series, head to the official webpage HERE , Check out the official Twitter page HERE, Hit them up on Facebook HERE, and most assuredly buy there books on Amazon HERE and HERE . Check all those links!  Also, it's available over at Comixology for 99 cents! Get that HERE!

Today, Alexander Lagos answers many of the same questions his cohort did. Perhaps at times even sounding like he is replying to Mr. Michalski... that's because he was. I split the interview into two parts because I didn't want it to be too long. I suppose I could have split the interview itself, but instead I wanted to give each of them their own post... I'll make it work. 

Including this picture for kicks.

ME: I think we should start with the basics. What was your inspiration(s) for this project?

ALEXANDER: When J. first shared the concept with me, I was instantly hooked. My head exploded with ideas and it gelled with what he wanted to do, so we decided to collaborate. I come from a music background, having been in an alternative rock band back in the 90’s, and, I also grew up with a love for comics. So, a comic book adventure with rock music—it was a no-brainer for me.

ME: I've seen a lot of time-travel stories in my time... What do you feel sets this story apart from the others?

ALEXANDER: Also, the time periods are not so far off that we can’t relate to it. It’s the not-so-distant past and the not-so-distant future, which makes it identifiable and accessible. But, I think what really sets it apart, is the question of: What happens when a time travel device fall into the hands of a teenage girl? For Zoe, it’s meeting the rockstar she’s obsessed with.

ME: Is there any story behind the band name "Rebel Lions"?

ALEXANDER: There was a poetry book that came out in the 80’s by poet Michael McClure called Rebel Lions, and I always loved that book and felt that it would be a cool name for a band. I like that it basically spells ‘rebellions’. It also sounds like a name a band would have used in the late 80’s early 90’s-- just seemed like a perfect fit.

ME: How did you manage to get this amazing team together?

LAGOS: Oren Kramek, the colorist, came into the project via my having worked with him previously on another graphic novel series called THE SONS OF LIBERTY. He brings such an incredible sense of detail and light, and his coloring approach is so unique. It literally glows on the page- truly beautiful work.

ME: Where might I be able to find more of your work?

ALEXANDER: As mentioned above, I wrote a graphic novel series with my brother, Joseph, called THE SONS OF LIBERTY, published by Random House Books. We’ve published two volumes so far with the third coming out soon. I also have two other projects in the works that I hope to announce by early next year.

ME: Comic book adaptations have been multiplying like rabbits in Hollywood. Could you see your story being adapted into a movie? If so... any suggestions for a dream cast?

ALEXANDER: I would absolutely love to see this adapted into a feature film and feel it lends itself perfectly to that medium. The way J. and I have approached this story has been more cinematic than comic book. As for who could take on these roles…I have no idea-- although the young actor, Logan Lerman, who is currently playing Percy Jackson, might make a good Trent Darrow.

ME: Did you have any misgivings about setting this in the not so distant future? 

ALEXANDER: Also, we didn’t want to go too far into the future where we would be required to create a world that is so complicated and fascinating it would overshadow the point of the story. So keeping it simple and relatable allowed us to focus solely on Zoe.

ME: So this is a limited series... are there plans to continue the story after this series is over? (J. Michalski's answer included below for the sake of clarity)

MICHALSKI: No, we don’t have a sequel planned. We feel that once you reach the conclusion of Zoe’s story, you’ll be satisfied with what we have done with it.

ALEXANDER: Exactly. It wraps up very nicely by the end.

ME: What else is on the horizon from you, any interesting projects?

ALEXANDER: My brother and I are looking forward to the release of the third book in the THE SONS OF LIBERTY series. And I cannot wait to be able to share my other projects. Hopefully an announcement very early 2014!

ME: In regards to the last question, any plans to release this as a physical book when all is said and done?

ALEXANDER: If we can see it released in single print issues that would be great. But in the long run, it will read better as one cohesive story if released as a single volume.

ME: And, since I ask this of just about everyone.... Any advice for the future comic book creators of the world?

ALEXANDER: Give up! Cos once you are in deep there’s no going back! Ha ha! But seriously, finish what you start and give it your all. And once you are ready to share it with the world, be proud of it- whether the world loves it, or not, be proud that you did it.

Seriously... I saw this frame, and new it had to link to their website!

Seriously... I saw this frame, and new it had to link to their website!