As a warning, there may be minor spoilers ahead, I will try to keep them minor, and offer up nothing particularly story-pertinent but, I can make no guarantees.


Well, I began the Riddick review with a quick story, so why not have one for this movie as well? I missed the opportunity to see the first "Insidious" in theaters. It was on my list, and I just never got around to seeing it. Shortly after it had left the theaters, I was at a convention where I ended up talking to two of the actors from the film. J. LaRose, and Philip Friedman specifically. I talked to them for a little bit, and they kept asking me what I thought of "Insidious", and I had to admit, I had not seen the movie, but wanted to. In the end, the entire reason I ended up seeing the first movie, and by extension this movie, was because I promised two minor actors that I would... 

Which brings us to number 2. 

I saw that the sequel was being made, and because I have a passing respect for the scares in the original, I vowed that I would see the sequel in the theater, no matter what. 

The first "Insidious" was a fun, if not spectacular film. It offered up a story that felt different than anything else I had ever seen. While I wouldn't call it groundbreaking, it was nevertheless a decent flick, and I was happy that I finally got around to seeing it. 

The second movie takes the good faith offered up after the original, and takes advantage of it. The movie starts off with a prequel scene, that offers up a quick jump, to start things off.  At the time, the scene seems fairly pointless. This scene ultimately leads to what is my biggest gripe with this movie, and unfortunately what amounts to severe spoilers, which ruins my ability to really talk about why this one scene pisses me off so much.

The movie on the most part is a direct sequel to the original with the bulk of the story happening almost as a direct continuation, possibly within hours of the end of the first film. The scene directly after the title shows up, almost earned the film some points for actually having the blatant murder at the end of the first movie have some consequence, but that one fizzles out fast, and eventually is nothing more than a brief callback later in the film. 

The movie offers up some decent jump moments, but frames them in a somewhat confusing story. While the first one was by no means the greatest horror movie ever made, this one seems to stumble on so many occasions, it is unforgivable. The most confusing part, would have to be the confused chronology. Is it a prequel? Is it a sequel? Is it a side story? At various points in the movie it is all of those. Going so far at one point, that it is literally using footage from the original movie.

When all is said and done, this movie just didn't feel worth the time or money. I found myself not caring about the multitude of teenagers in the theater that wouldn't shut their damned mouths through the entire film, because it helped cover up annoying dialogue. When I don't care about loud talking in the theater, you know I'm not particularly enjoying the film.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are looking for a good horror film, that will get your heart racing, and make it hard for you to sleep for weeks to come, steer clear of this confused mess. If however, you are looking for a movie that has a confused chronology, and offers up a paradoxical timeline that should make the movie's universe implode upon itself... Well, you may have hit the jackpot with this one.

IS IT THEATER WORTHY? If you really need to ask me that at this point, you might need to reread some of this review. I'd say this is a resounding no. It has absolutely no elements that I find necessitate a big screen viewing. Nor, are there that many elements that I feel necessitate a viewing at home. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  While I am one that can often find redeeming characteristics in most movies, this is one of those times where I find myself at a loss. Between bad chronology, some seriously fuzzy camerawork, and a general lack of regard for story-telling, this movie should have been called "Insipid".

FINAL SCORE: 4 out of 10