Not often do I use the Roundup to discuss a single project, but I thought I would go ahead and do that today, because I promised certain individuals that I would. But first, some background on where this is coming from. 

Last week, was the Cincinnati ComiCon, a first year convention, that was oddly enough not actually held in Cincinnati, but rather across the river in Covington. While there, I decided to do what any broke convention goer that writes for a blog would do... I talked to people... a lot of them, actually. One of the first places I stopped was at a booth that was for the project I am going to discuss today. 

Enter "Ambrov X

"Ambrov X" is listed as a story-driven sci-fi RPG, set in the Sime-Gen universe. The game is something along the lines of "Mass Effect", a game where your choices will have a direct influence on the game itself. It is also being marketed as a series of 5 episodes, each one lasting about 3 to 5 hours.  So all in all, you are looking at a game that should last around 15 to 25 hours. The game comes complete with character customization, and will be completely voice-acted.

At the convention I had the chance to play what would amount to an alpha build of the game, or possibly even a pre-alpha demo. What I did see offered up some interesting (if "slightly" buggy) gameplay. Though there is a lot of issues with this build, it shows a lot of promise, and I can see it being a very compelling game in the final build. 

I urge anyone interested in an interesting independent game to look into this project, which offers up a very reasonably priced buy in at just $25. It helps a lot that the company involved is a local company, I am all about supporting local companies when I see the opportunity! So check out the video below for some more information, and then if you feel the urge, check out the campaign over HERE