I am a lover of games, and various game related projects, so when I check out Kickstarter, I almost always check out the games first. This, however, is not a project I had to go searching for. This is the next project by Artistic Justice Games. I mentioned their first project back in June (check out that post HERE), and now I am back to mention a new project which has kind of blown my expectations.

Enter "Fairytale Games: The Miniatures" .

This is a thematic follow up to their previous game, which will offer miniature enthusiasts some twisted Fairytale miniatures. As an added bonus, if you missed out on their first campaign, you can also add in components from that campaign as add-ons! This is a one stop shopping experience for Fairytale Games. For a buy in price of 45 dollars you can get one box of 6 miniatures, plus an extra "boss" character miniature. Or if you really want a slew of miniatures you can jump in to the tune of 100 dollars, and get both boxes of miniatures, and all unlocked stretch goals.

Speaking of stretch goals... This project managed to get to the "funded" level in a rather astonishing 2 hours, and right now, about 16 hours into the campaign, they have already reached the 4th stretch goal, and are practically knocking on the doorstep of the 5th. With 34 days to go, I can easily see them blowing through all of their currently posted stretch goals. If the team is not scrambling to come up with new stretch goals by tomorrow, I will be shocked. 

And, because I like to offer up readers something, if you go and back the game at the highest tier (King Arthur level), I will write a story based on the character you create. So, not only will you have a character likeness based off of you, I will write you a story that shows off how much of a badass your character is! Granted, the highest tier is 1500 dollars, but... c'mon, who doesn't want a story that makes you look like a badass? 

And, for a quick sampling of some of their miniature concepts, check out the slideshow below. Also pledge HERE .