So, you're all familiar with my "Kickstarter Roundups" by now, I would hope. Well, I have realized, after some of my recent posts, that sometimes what I am doing is not so much of a "Roundup" as it is a "Spotlight". So, I introduce to you the "Kickstarter Spotlight". Where I turn my attention to a very specific single project. Why might I do this? Well... Perhaps I was contacted by a representative from the project, and they offered me a press release, or maybe the project just seemed so particularly fascinating that I just had to dedicate an entire post to it. 

Today, I turn the Spotlight on "Daniels"  First, a bit from the press release. (Transcribed here, because I can not take the words directly from the provided PDF)

Pitch Black Welsh comedy-horror with a twist! 

This autumn, Welsh Writer/Directors Adam Nicholas and Thomas Rees will be shooting their first dark comedy/horror feature film Daniels. 
Daniels tells the story of three friends named Daniel who attend 6th form college in their valley town and live a painfully normal day-to-day life full of the teenage boredom rather than angst until one night an unfortunate event sees the lives of the Daniels changed forever. 
Adam and Tom draw on their experiences growing up to provide the backdrop to the Daniels storyline. "We wanted to capture the seemingly mundane feel of living in a small Welsh town where people would assume very little happens. A place where in fact a lot happens and crime and violence run alongside everyday family life. And it's all the more wonderful a place to live for it!" says co-writer/director Thomas Rees. "We also wanted to tell a story about a great friendship between three boys being destroyed by a huge unexpected event, making sure the horror comes from seeing that friendship hanging in the balance so to speak, the audience falling for our leads as we see see them tested," adds co-writer/director Adam Nicholas.
Adam and Tom met studying film at University and began working together on a variety of projects. They have recently completed writing and directing the comedy web-series Bernard and Knives starring Bill Bellamy, Ieuan Rhys and Darren Evans, to be released later this year. 
Daniels is being produced by Adam Harvey and Chris A. Wright who form ARC Films. Adam and Chris have spent the last few years working together on a number of festival-listed short films whilst also developing a slate of feature films. Last year the co-produced the indie feture film In This Room, which received the Honorary Award for a Feature Film at the Ionian Digital International Film Festival and are now looking to follow up with Daniels. "What originally drew us to the script was the brash mix of humour offset bu some incredibly tense moments in the film. The story on the whole just seemed to grab us and capture something that we hadn't seen before."
Daniels features actors Darren Evans (Submarine, My Mad Fat Diary), Boyd Clack (Writer and star of BBC comedies High Hopes and Satellite City), Gywdion Rhys and Ross Foley. ARC Films have already enlisted the help of talented and experienced crew and are going to be using the crowd funding site Kickstarter to source funding for the film in return for some sought-after rewards. 

Some pertinent sites:

And why not toss in the Kickstarter Promo video for good measure?  

So, what particularly drew me to this particular film? Other than the press release and all of the images etc? Well, I can't say I've ever really seen a Welsh horror film, and frankly that alone is enough to raise my interest.  I'm a big fan of seeing people try something different. From what I've read, this movie will certainly deliver on the different. Kidnapping, Russian Roulette, and you can't forget the serapes.  

Well, now that all of that is out of the way, why don't I talk about some of the perks, and such form the campaign itself. For the most part, I think I have to recommend the 20 Pound pledge level for anyone not living in the UK. Get the movie download in HD, and you don't have to worry about a pesky thing like "Shipping". Because, international shipping is insane.

Honestly, I don't have much more to add. This looks like a fun project, and I would recommend this to anyone looking to jump into the world of Kickstarter movies.

Once again, check out the project HERE, and get to pledging!