SUPARA UPDATE: #4 - Defining Foundations

Hello there and last we spoke, I was knee deep in Khai territory but this month is going to be a little different. A little more. But let me first tell you about the term “foundation”, which means the basis and/or groundwork of something. May it be an idea or a building; the foundation is the footing which begins to define the overall structure. It might be different by the time you’re finished constructing this “thing” but it indeed needs a place to start.

The team “Foundation” isn’t too dissimilar. It’s our first superhero team in this Universe and the mere idea of a dawning age of costume wearing, law-abiding powers also needed a place to start. So how does one define it? This team has a lot of constantly moving parts and sure, the basic principles of the world are there and cannot be altered more than we humans can make time stop but working with than against those elements assures all those moving parts still fit together in the end. This month, we continued to define our Foundation and took to the blogosphere with a mighty creative swing. Let’s go ahead and discuss a little what we got so far.

First up is Conner Whelan aka “Shifter”. Just like the Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Avengers, or even X-Men, those original teams have a great formula. Shifter, with his ability to shift body parts into nearly any part of a beast, I consider him to be the surprise factor of the team. In a comic, he would also be one of the more interesting to draw and just visually, can lighten up the mood. Not in the way his story begins though. Conner is a character we wanted to see start out with a visual flaw, something he simply cannot undo at the fault of his own father. His story begins at that man’s funeral and what was said, also cannot be undone. This is an interesting story to tell about this sort of character. I feel that it’s constantly about change and those components that define his life are always at a shift. His hand forever crippled. His father now perished. Allowing his feelings to (justifiably) get the better of him. Making rash decisions and then taking the final leap which ultimately reveals his true power. This isn’t the end of Conner, not by a longer shot but his story will continue to shift in the months to come.

Next is Vera Stone. Now, I know she isn’t a member of the Foundation but her story does fit in the realm of defining what the universe is as a whole. Vera isn’t a power (as far as we know) but she’s a character you can relate to. She has ambitions, just like anyone else; and seeks them out west in Supara, California. She’s the seedling and front-woman to a more modern day Supara and that excites me. While we dabble back in the early 20th century and a little from another galaxy; she can be the eyes and ears of the now, reflecting on these tales you’ve been reading of Khai, Shifter, and so on. Maybe everything doesn’t play out the same way. Maybe the history books say it differently. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Margaret Ericson aka “Star Striker” was the first Foundation member created because we thought our “flagship” character at the time (Starstuck) could have some sort of legacy. Regardless of how loose that concept was, almost 2 years ago at this point, she has filled that role and become much more than we ever intended. Her origin story is fanatic and most definitely traumatizing to the title character. An idea of playing cat and mouse with an unidentified humanoid creature can be terrifying… and that’s exactly what was portrayed in this story. It’s different than anything we’ve posted before and it outlines her strengths. If you couldn’t tell, that creature is in fact an alien from Khai’s universe, which I’ll get to later. What’s fascinating about Margaret is her willpower. Even under extreme circumstances, her character was able to go toe to toe with a towering alien, relying only on dexterity, memory, and some luck. The only mystery left is where does it go from here? What other strengths or weaknesses will she have to learn or overcome?

Khai of Q’wenu: Chapter 2 – Western Winds is a piece I enjoyed writing quite a bit. It delves deeper into the world of Q’wenu, more so than the limited scope of the first chapter. The first thing I wrote was the conversation between the Queen and her sister, Silaria. They needed a moment different than the squabbles between the soldiers from the last chapter and they needed to feel like sisters. These two, among other will be making more appearances throughout Khai’s story because the relationship he has with Silaria defines his overall intentions as a person. My attempt with this chapter was to show a little more of Khai’s world outside the dilapidated mining valley of Uchuu-mura and take it to the hills. And that’s where, we ran across our first Romonah (same alien race in Star Striker’s story) and brief battle encounter. I tried to paint more of an iconic picture than go heavy with this action this time around because that encounter will actually redefine what we know of both Khai and his traveling partner, Dorro. Next month is going to get a little more interesting with Chapter 3: Storms and Stories, because it deals with nothing but background stories from Dorro, Silaria, the Queen, and Khai. Reintroducing supporting characters and introducing others you have yet to meet.

Well, that looks like everyone from this week! Another bit of news is that we’ll be redesigning the layout of the Supara webpages. Cleaning them up and making them a little more accessible to new readers. Next week we’ll be posting up “The Reader”, the week after shall be “Agent Pierce”, and another “Khai of Q’wenu” somewhere in there. Once again and always, thanks for checking in, thanks for all the help, and thanks for staying interested!

NOTE: We’re currently looking for an artist to help us make covers, character concepts, landscapes, and help develop our city of Supara (the look and feel). Please comment below or contact us if you're interested. Any and all help will be much appreciated.