2013 Most Anticipated movies... A Recap

As I write this, I am attempting to do some rewatching in preparation for my most anticipated film of 2014... suffice to say, it is something I have been looking forward to for a while. And you'll have to read my next post to find out what it is. Unfortunately, the Amazon instant video app on the PS3 is being a little bitch, and one of the Slamfist team has procured my DVDs.... Damn you Carmen!

With that in mind, lets just go down the list, as I originally posted it, shall we?


1) A Good Day to Die Hard- How the HELL did they screw this up so horribly? This should have been a revelation, a return to form for a franchise that has been the very definition of action movies for longer than I can remember. Instead what we got, was a muddled mess of crap that wasn't worth the name "Die Hard"... John McClane should not have been involved in this travesty. I am ashamed to admit that I looked forward to this. 

2) Oz The Great and Powerful- While in no way on par with the original, and lacking in some respects, this movie was at least mildly enjoyable. It had a lot of charm for a movie being headed by James Franco, even if it did take a massive shit on the whole Oz mythology. As much as I hate to use the term, this one was a bit of a guilty pleasure.

3) Evil Dead - Continuing my list, we hit the biggest bright spot so far. This movie managed to pay homage to the original, while still forging its own path. It was gory, it was violent, and it was a joy to behold. As a guy that loves special effects, this movie delivered some truly cringe-worthy moments that were pure brilliance. And having it rain blood for like 15 minutes was worth a lot, too.

4) Iron Man 3 - This movie got a lot of flack from the fans for the treatment of The Mandarin. Personally, I found this to be one of the better parts of the movie. The movie took chances with some familiar characters, and made it work. In every way, I saw this as an improvement over the second film. Sadly, this is also the first movie on this list that has actually made it into my Blu-ray collection.

5) The Great Gatsby - I'm gonna admit... this is a movie that as the release approached, I became less and less interested in... and honestly, I skipped it.

6) Star Trek Into Darkness - This was a fun enough movie. Granted, I wouldn't place it in the list of the top 5 Star Trek films I have seen, but I would definitely put it in the top 10. The excessive use of lens flare really became distracting and took me out of the movie. Then the overly predictable "twist" felt like a complete let down by the time it was actually revealed. Watch out for the really awful macguffin at the end, as it can almost ruin the whole movie.

7) Man of Steel - I don't think I can express in words my complete and utter hatred of this film. It took the beloved Superman mythology, and just completely shat all over it. The movie was not at all a Superman movie, it was an alien invasion movie, with a jackass wearing a modified Superman costume. Suffice to say, after this ball of shit, the sequel will NOT be showing up on my list of most anticipated films....

 8) Kick Ass 2 - This movie was an over-the-top film, that took what was done in the first film, and built upon it. While many people have been really down on this particular sequel, I found it to be incredibly enjoyable. The movie took the best character from the first film, and sidelined her partially, but when she was out there, she was out there kicking some ass. I really enjoyed the movie, and think it was a good follow-up to the first film.

9) Despicable Me 2 - This is the second film on the list that actually made it into my Blu-ray collection.... so, yeah, I enjoyed it. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for those little yellow Minions. The movie offered up two actors that I generally can't stand (Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig) and actually made me enjoy the movie despite the fact that they were the primary voice actors. THAT tells me a lot about how enjoyable I found the movie... Actually, since I can't watch videos on Amazon, I think I will pop in this Blu-ray as I continue to write.

10) R.E.D. 2 -  This is the second time Bruce Willis disappointed me this year...I am really frustrated to say that this film was pretty bad. It took the joy of the first film, and only offered up slight glimpses of that fun shine through the murky depths of crap. Here's to hoping there isn't going to be a R.E.D. 3....


So, those were the 10 movies I was most looking forward to last year. I mostly liked 6 out of the 10, and when you consider that I skipped one, I'd say that I had a pretty good record there. So... how do you think I will do with my 2014 anticipations?