Well, It looks like I came up with 11 that I think will be the ones I look forward to the most, after cutting Captain America 2, Sin City 2, Transcendence, Maleficent, How to Train your Dragon 2, Hunger Games 3, The Hobbit 3... Yeah, sequels, sequels and more sequels. I warned you about that in the recap of 2013...  And some of these are coming out of left field, a few are because a friend brought it to my attention, and a few are in there just for shits and  giggles. What better way to get this list of anticipation going, then to turn on "The Super Mario Brothers Movie?" .... yeah, I'm a masochist. 

So, let's begin the list in no particular order, before this movie makes me completely suicidal!

  1. Veronica Mars - MARCH 14  OK, this is actually at the top of the list. It is my most anticipated film of the year. And also a movie that I can claim a personal stake in (in that I was part of the massive fan outpouring on Kickstarter). The original series was a witty little detective show, that had Buffy-esque dialogue, and a strong female lead. Toss on the amount of fan support this movie has going for it, and this looks like it could be the highlight of my March!  
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy AUGUST 1  What's not to look forward to here? Obscure characters, a director known for his off-beat movies, and a talking raccoon... this movie looks like it could be the most interesting entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet! I don't know much at all beyond the basic characters here, but from what I do know, its going to be interesting if nothing else... Besides, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been pretty successful thus far, right?
  3. Amazing Spider-Man 2 MAY 2  Swinging into a spot that generally marks the beginning of the summer movie season, Sony's follow-up to the rather successful Amazing Spider-man promises more villains, more action, and hopefully less characters that look suspiciously like rejects from the "Super Mario Brothers" movie. While I was not a fan of the first film, I am willing to give the sequel a chance, if only to see if they can improve on the less than amazing original.
  4. Robo-Cop FEB 12  A remake of an old series that devolved into inanity at the end, this is one of those franchises that I think deserves a taste of redemption. While it will not benefit from the presence of Peter Weller, it does have a decent cast that might be able to elevate what was always a somewhat silly film, into a decent action film that is worthy of praise. The addition of modern effects technology will hopefully aid in making this film something worth watching. Sadly, this is the Die Hard slot from last year, so that could be a bad sign.
  5. The Grand Budapest Hotel MARCH 7  What can I say? I think Wes Anderson makes some damn fun movies. Been a fan ever since I accidentally bought a ticket to "The Royal Tenenbaums" back in 2001. It was not his first effort, nor was it his last, but the quirkiness of the movie has a sort of endearing quality that just earns my loyalty. Honestly, all I had to do is see Wes Anderson's name to know I wanted to see this film. 
  6. Muppets Most Wanted MARCH 21 Rounding out a rather full March schedule is the next Muppets movie. Seriously, how can you hate the Muppets? The last film gave some great moments wrapped up in what was essentially a kids movie. It treated the original material as if it actually happened, rather than ignoring it, and offered up enough winks and nods to the original fans to keep even older generations amused. And with Statler and Waldorf involved, what more do you need? This will be an enjoyable movie... I demand it to be so!
  7. Godzilla MAY 16  They've tried this once before, but with little success and a little too much Ferris Bueller. This time around we have Walter White, Kick Ass, and The Scarlet Witch. The movie itself is doomed to fail, as giant monster movies are not known to be big sells in Hollywood. Toss in the fact that it is coming in 2 weeks after Spider-Man, and one week before the next movie on this list... This movie is looking to be forced to rely on strong word of mouth if it has any hope of succeeding. Suffice to say, I know where I plan to be on May 16th. 
  8. X-Men Days of Future Past MAY 23  A movie that attempts to fix the complete clusterfuck of continuity that was created by X-Men First Class. This will bring together my favorite characters from the original trilogy, with their counterparts from First Class. While I know some people that are big fans of First Class, I saw it as a huge continuity problem, that needs to be addressed. With the teaser of this film at the end of The Wolverine, I've been rather anticipating this flick.
  9. Edge of Tomorrow JUNE 6  This one I only found out about on New Years Eve, when a friend showed me the trailer. What I saw looked like some kind of crazy sci-fi Groundhogs Day. I was a fan of the sort of strange psychological implications of Groundhogs Day, so I figured it would be interesting to see that time-loop idea applied to a futuristic landscape. The inclusion of Tom Cruise as the main character gives me a slight pause, but I have faith that there are still a few good movies left in that old dog.
  10. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes JULY 11  I believe that the James Franco led Planet of the Apes film was a rather well done film, that helped set up a Planet of the Apes universe in a way that the Marky-Mark reboot couldn't even hope for. This flick looks to focus more on the apes that give the movie its name. I can only hope that this movie lives up to the basic premise, and doesn't skimp on the Ape fights.
  11. Big Hero 6 NOVEMBER 7  This is probably the biggest surprise on the list. It's Disney's first attempt to make an animated movie based off of a Marvel Property, I'm looking forward to see how this turns out, to see if they can make a decent movie, and possibly see if they can take some lesser known properties, and turn them into animated features. This could be a great opportunity for Disney, and this could lead to some amazing things in the future.

There you have it, 11 anticipated movies. The goal is going to be to have reviews for all 11 up on the site. Lets see how that turns out for me, eh?

We'll revisit this list in 12 months, see how well I did.