Bad Brews: Flavors of Black

Rat Seize (aka Mono Black Devotion) was the boogeyman of this past Standard. Every deck needed to prepare for it or prepare to lose to it. What tasty toppings can Born of the Gods bring to an already great flavor?

Second verse, same as the first! ...almost. This deck was so good before Born of the Gods, there isn't much to change this version except for Bile Blight altering the removal suite a touch. You do get Drown in Sorrow for the sideboard for those pesky Aggro matchups; by far, the toughest for this deck last set.

My good buddy, Herald of Torment aka "Prince Harry," takes this deck from cute (with Agent of the Fates and Nighthowler) to threatening. This deck curves out perfectly, playing the fast game with one drops and hasters and backing them up with high-end demons. 

More Midrange than some of it's cousins, a red splash adds a good bit of late game oomph with the Dragon and Rakdos's Return. Dreadbore, while Sorcery-speed, gives some flexibility against Control by giving you eight outs to Planeswalkers. Keep the skies clear and let the fliers do the talking. Be sure to pack sideboard hate for blitz Aggro decks.

I saved the best for last. This is actually my personal version and, aside from some mana flooding issues, it's treating me quite well. It plays Aggro against Control decks and Midrange against faster Aggro decks. It controls the board in any matchup and usually wins on the back of one or two large threats. Witchstalker is deceptively good when you can suit him up with Scavenge counters or a Bestowed Herald.