Infamous Second Son

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Release Date: 3/21/14

Gaming Platform: PS4 (Exclusive)

(Using the Fetch Trailer, because I can!)

Infamous Second Son, is the third title in the Infamous series. If you followed me on Twitter yesterday, I tweeted some screen caps as I played through this insanely awesome, but incredibly short game. 

The game offers up a simple enough story, that thankfully doesn't force one to have played any of the other games in the series. It introduces a brand new character, with the rather odd name of Delsin Rowe. And takes place in a fictionalized version of Seattle. The game is an open-world concept, with multiple power sets to give the player a little flexibility on how they play. Very open, yet offering up a very linear story line. 

Like several other games, this game offers up a morality-based reward system, similar to Mass Effect, or even the old Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games. You do good deeds, you gain good karma, you do bad deeds, you gain bad karma. The more good karma you get, the more the people of Seattle adore you. Conversely, the more bad karma you get, the more the people fear you. If you've played the other games, you are familiar with how this works. As of this writing, I can not say how much the karma impacts the ending, but I can almost guarantee that it has more impact than it did in Mass Effect 3.

Gotta love Fetch.

The character of Delsin Rowe, is part of a Native American tribe from some part of Washington state that isn't Seattle. He's a graffiti artist, and all around delinquent, with the convenient affliction of having a cop as his brother. Their entire world gets turned upside down when a military transport bound for Seattle over turns near their home, and lets loose a smoky "Conduit". For those not in the know, "Conduits" are people with Super Powers in this game universe, although they are also called bioterrorists, know... fear-mongering politicians exist in games, too!  From that point on, anything I say about the story would delve into the dreaded realm of "spoilers" so, I will move on.

The combat system is fun, and feels on the most part intuitive. Each of the power sets feels different, offering up a unique Dash, Submission, Power Shot, and Regular shot. Each one offers up various pros and cons when it comes to dealing with the various obstacles that Delsin faces. His Smoke powers let him traverse through vents, but make it difficult to climb buildings. Meanwhile, the neon powers look awesome, and allow easy climbing, but can be difficult to control. The video power, looks badass... that's all I have to say about that... The final power set I am still tinkering with, and may update you with how it does in the post-game environment.

The Karma system, seems a little... limp. There isn't much to it, and on the most part, it just feels like it is added in as a bit of an excuse for two separate play throughs. This is not to say it doesn't offer up some game interesting game play choices. You want to wreak havoc, and be bad, you'll get access to different power choices that conform to your play style. Similarly, if you want to be the city's savior, and subdue your opponents, you will get power choices that aid you on that path.

The biggest complaint I have about the game, is it is short. I completed my first playthrough in roughly 6 to 8 hours. Based on that, I paid roughly 8 dollars per hour of gameplay. In essence, this game is roughly a minimum wage job. I also spent a lot of that time, running around the city, being a regular badass, stopping drug deals, and dealing with those idiots in the DUP. If one were to just power through the story, the game would take maybe 4 hours tops. Side quests, and such offer a good way to sink extra time into the game, but on the whole, it is a short story. There is a fun little online element added on with the Paper Trail content (available currently with the limited edition). That little bit adds on a sort of ARG feel to the quests, that lets you interact with the game on your PC as you try and solve a murder mystery. It's an interesting add on, and I look forward to seeing how that plays out.

My big question is.... When does Fetch get her own game?

Recommendation: Back in the day, I would have called this a rental. The short story offers up very little reason to actually buy the game. However, for a completionist who must get 100% of everything in a game, this game could offer days of fun. So... If you're in it for JUST the story, borrow it, rent it, whatever. If you are a completionist, buy this game and play the shit out of it!

Final Thoughts: The game is fun, and has some challenging bosses. Augustine alone had me swearing like a sailor as I entered my 10th attempt to kick that bitch's ass. The powers offer up cool aesthetics and the game looks truly amazing. All in all, this was a great addition to my PS4 library.

P2 Rating: 9 out of 10

Razzle Dazzle, Bitches!