By: W. Haden Blackman (Writer), Mike Del Mundo (Artist), Mike Del Mundo and Marco D'Alfonso (Colors), VC's Clayton Cowles (Letterer)

So, many people may have absolutely no idea who Elektra is. If you do know who Elektra is, there is a good chance that the knowledge comes from the not very good Ben Affleck movie "Daredevil". If you are one of the unlucky few, you might remember her from the god-awful Jennifer Garner vehicle "Elektra". Hopefully most of you have managed to forget these films, writing them off as some horrible drug-addled delusion. Well, the joke is on you, I just reminded you about them!

Elektra is a character that I am mostly unfamiliar with myself. Being part of Daredevil's section of the Marvel Universe, she rarely ever appeared on my Radar, unless she was a Skrull, and thus acting as the impetus to a major line-wide crossover event. One could even say that I am one of the unlucky ones that got my first real introduction to the character when Jennifer Garner suited up to play the character on the big screen.

The previous two paragraphs are just there to let you know, that I am very unfamiliar with the character. I don't know where she's been, or what she has done. She is a bit of an enigma to me. and this first issue has done a little to help alleviate that unknown nature. The first 5 pages are a great intro to the character, offering up a very concise overview of who Elektra is, what she stands for, and it is presented in a fun fluid manner. The art, and the writing on these 5 pages flow together creating one of the most effective overall sequences I have seen in a long time. After that, the story begins, and things get a little less straight forward. The 8 pages dedicated to introducing a villain for this story were a little weird, but... still compelling. The writing style is a little different than what I am used to reading but it is, if nothing else, interesting.

The thing that really drove me to pick this book up, and the thing that will likely bring me back for more, is the amazing style of Mike Del Mundo. The artwork, is singularly fluid, seeming to dance across the page. I am sandwiching this post between two 2-page spreads that are simply amazing.  These are the pages I talked about above, and this art is what will ultimately lead to me picking up issue 2, and possibly more.

FINAL THOUGHTS: With an artistic style that is beyond beautiful, and a compelling storytelling style, this is a title worth giving a shot. While it does jump quickly away from the gentle introduction, and dives straight into story, I do believe that it will lead to something spectacular.