Some of you may know, that I really enjoy giant monster movies. I dug Cloverfield, was ecstatic for Pacific Rim, and all in all, can go for just about any crappy man-in-a-rubber-suit effect that they might throw at us. When I heard there was going to be another Godzilla movie, I was kinda stoked to say the least. As is my regular, I rushed out as soon as there was a showing available, despite the need to take care of more pressing matters. So, lets dive right into this, shall we?

The movie starts out simply enough, with some establishing shots of the Philippines, where we get introduced to one major character, then we are promptly whisked away to Japan, to be introduced to two other major characters. We are told multiple times, that it is Heisenberg's Birthday (Bryan Cranston). Despite that, he goes to work, where there is a horrible accident, and he goes on to fight Spider-man.... Wait, no... That was the Amazing Spider-man 2. So, forget the fighting Spider-man part the rest is accurate. 

Despite the movie being called "Godzilla" this is really two movies. The first movie, is about a family, and how the monster impacts their lives. The other movie, is a giant monster battle full of the kind of destruction porn that is quite possibly exactly what it looks like inside Roland Emmerich's head. While some giant monster's would be content to limit the destruction to a single city, this swath of destruction is spread out across 2 continents! While all that is happening, we follow around Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character as he acts as our eyes throughout this film.

As I stated, the movie feels like two separate movies. The movie about the people, feels very familiar. It feels like this is a movie I have seen several times in the past. It isn't a bad movie, but it feels predictable, and at times it feels as if things are done just because it is convenient, and not because it makes any particular sense. The feelings of familiarity are helped by the strong performances of the main actor's. Bryan Cranston does a wonderful job, but the real brunt of the movie rests on Aaron Taylor-Johnson's shoulders. Between this, and Kick-Ass, I can definitely see him as being a great Quicksilver in Avengers 2. 

Meanwhile, the monster movie is fun as heck. An international game of cat and mouse, with ample destruction to give the Roland Emmerich fan a good time. This is a movie that is pretty damn amazing, with larger-than-life action sequences. It offered up the same feelings of exhilaration that I felt watching the Jager battles in Pacific Rim.  These bits are interspersed with the story about the humans, in a fairly light mix, so that you never forget which side of the movie was the more important part. 

In the end, it all works together really well. Familiar story aspects, strong acting, and some kick-ass (pun intended) monster fights. There are spots where logic seems to have been abandoned, and there are places that just lack any sense, but all in all, it is a fun movie, and a movie that I would like to see again.

RECOMMENDATION: Do you like monster movies? If so, this will be right up your alley. If you want something to wash the bad taste of the Matthew Broderick film out of your brain, this is a good start. It is totally worth it for the blue flames alone. 

IS IT THEATER WORTHY?: Does a bear shit in the woods? The giant monster parts alone warrant a visit to the local multiplex. You won't get that same feeling of immensity on the small screen, I guarantee it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: There is just something special about watching giant monsters fight it out for supremacy. It's a sort of primal brawl that I can't help but enjoying. Despite the flaws, this movie is saved by the giant monsters, and some amazing actors. A definite shining mark on this summer movie season.

FINAL SCORE: 7.75 out of 10