The Xmen movies have been an odd mixed bag for me. I loved the first two, then there was two that were utter shit, then there were two decent ones again (although all of the films looked at the comics continuity, and flipped it the bird). Now, we are on the seventh film in the series, at least I think it is the seventh. For this one, they decide to tackle a somewhat famous storyline that I am fairly unfamiliar with. So, for a change, I don't have the comics continuity to get in the way of my enjoyment.  So, shall we begin?

Welcome one and all to the 6th Wolverine movie, guest starring various other characters you may remember from that one Xmen movie that only had a guest appearance by Wolverine. To make up for Wolverine's relative absence in First Class by including several different time-lines worth of Wolverine! So, all of you who were disappointed he wasn't a major player in First Class, this movie is for you!

Basic rundown of the story for all of you. Sentinels, huge mutant killing robots, have taken over the world and turned it into an apocalyptic hellscape. Mutantkind has been decimated, mankind is living in fear, and all in all... things look really shitty. Enter Kitty Pryde, and her magical new Macguffin powers. Apparently, she went from being able to just walk through walls, to now she can send people's minds backwards in time, because... you know... reasons. Anyway, Wolverine shows up, gets sent back in time, and he is tasked with stopping all of the horror and badness, because he's Wolverine, and people love Wolverine! 

In the past, we find out that Charles Xavier has been giving himself shots of Macguffinite, know what.... No spoilers, and besides, talking about the story just kinda leaves my head hurting a bit. Because, you know... no matter how you slice it, the continuity and the internal logic of the movie is not always logical. There are things that leave me scratching my head because there is in absolutely no way that the things make sense. The Macguffinite, the strange Macguffin powers... All of it makes absolutely no sense. Seriously. 

And you know what is weird about all of that?

I actually really enjoyed the movie. Once I let go, and gave up asking myself why none of this stuff was making any sense. The movie is fun, and offers up some very imaginative action sequences. The unfortunate thing is, the characters I found myself liking the most, were not featured anywhere near enough. Despite the initial goofiness of the character's costume, I actually found myself rather amused by Quicksilver, and I also really wanted to see more of Blink. Sadly, they weren't Wolverine, so they are delegated to background characters. Which is really unfortunate, because they both offer some very unique visual elements to fights, and in Quicksilver's case, offer up some of the most amusing parts of the movie.

So, bottom line is, the movie is far from perfect, but it offers up a lot of fun moments, that string themselves together in an almost coherent continuity, working towards Bryan Singer's ultimate goal of being the true architect of the Xmen cinematic universe. The movie is good times, and once one manages to just fully let go of their sense of logic, it is well worth the time.

RECOMMENDATION: Do you like Wolverine? Did you enjoy Xmen First Class? Did you think Xmen The Last Stand was a horrible cinematic abortion that should never have happened and completely wasted one of the greatest Xmen story lines of all time in a half-assed maneuver? Then this movie is practically tailor-made for you. It is fun, and despite the flaws, it is very watchable.

IS IT THEATER-WORTHY?: I enjoy movies like this on the big screen. There are some elements that are just perfect for that large format, and I will once again err in favor of seeing this movie on the big screen. It's a blast visually, and some of the fight sequences offered up will NEVER look as good at home.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is a movie that is clearly part of a larger universe. A universe that is referenced obsessively. I can only hope that when Singer works on the next film, he makes it a lot less Wolverine-centric, and perhaps lets other characters have a chance to shine as something other than set dressing for another Wolverine film. Seriously man, let Blink shine, if for no other reason than to give me a reason to type Fan Bingbing (that's the name of the actress that plays Blink. I'm not shitting you.) This movie shows a lot of promise, and I find myself really looking forward to the future of this universe.

FINAL SCORE: 8.5 out of 10.