Like always, I get a lot of my information from the Kickstarter project itself, so if you see excessive quotes, that is because I am quoting directly from them, since they do know the game the best. 

According to the original launch, Capes and Villains is a "1-6 Player Card and Dice Game with Capes and Villains in the heat of an epic battle. Scaleable up to 8v8 Players! "

So, let's dive into the game a bit shall we? 

This game is obviously a superhero game, that pits heroes against villains. The folk at Shingo Games have gone out of their way to flesh out their characters, providing back story as well as a making sure that in many cases you can easily see the characters that they are poking fun at.  For example, a quick glance at "Rabid Skunk" there, one should easily spot the similarities to a certain Canadian hero with a Hugh Jackman-esque look to him....

The games is made to be played quick, with minimal set-up, so that unlike some deck-building games, you aren't spending 3 hours setting it up, only to lose in 5 minutes. I don't see an estimated play time right now, but the way it is described, things should move quickly. A quick rundown of the rules found on the original launch, go as follows: 

  • You and your opponent draw 6 cards. 
  • Whomever is first, will begin their turn on the offense while the opponent reacts and defends. All players roll 5 die. The values are "Burst Energy" that you can use or store up.
  • The first player plays an attack card faced up.
  • The opponent may choose to defend and places a defense card faced up.
  • At this time, both players can assign one of their burst energy die to their move to add more momentum to their attack or defense. (Assigning dice is hidden from opponent via the Strategy Blinds). As well, Tactic Cards and Character Abilities may be played.
  • "The Big Reveal" has you and your opponent revealing if there are any burst energy dice assigned, at the same time and damage is assigned or negated.
  • The attacker keeps attacking to up to 5 attacks. Their turn ends, then they are on the defensive while their opponent attacks.
  • A new round beings when both players play their turn.

Keep in mind those are still potentially a work in progress, so the final rules are subject to change. 

The way they have designed this game allows for multiple variations. It offers a solo play mode (which I am a fan of) as well as more standard player vs player modes. The variations offer up replayability that might be missing from a standard game. Having multiple play styles offers up differing strategies, and can give a game a lot more life. Also with the one on one battles, it sounds like it will have an almost arcade game feeling, which will add a touch of nostalgia to the game for those of us that grew up trolling around the local arcade. Two of the variations that they are particularly excited about are the Tag-team mode, and the Free-for-all. Take a look at the graphic below for a quick description of some of the variations:

The game offers up 2 Kickstarter Exclusive decks. Something that is always a nice addition for those of us that are backing the project now, rather than waiting for the retail release. When all is said and done, if this campaign blows through the stretch goals, we could be sitting on upwards of 20 decks! In comparison, the retail version is set to come with only 10 decks. So if you back, and they blow through all the stretch goals, you are looking at getting (potentially) twice the game! Pictured to the right are the two Kickstarter exclusive characters. One of them looks disturbingly similar to a zombified cyborg Robin Hood. (If you're a backer of the Fairytale Games, this one is for you). Value wise it looks like the best bet is to go with the $55 tier. It gets you the base game, 5 add-ons, and all the unlocked stretch goals! However if the add-ons don't interest you, you can get in for $35, which is still a pretty decent deal. 

This is definitely a campaign designed to please the backers. There are a number of rather affordable tiers that allow you as backers to have a direct hand in shaping the game. Designing cards, or, at some of the higher tiers, you can even design characters! A lot of these options are offered at relatively affordable levels, too. You won't have to drop 2 grand to leave an indelible mark on this game! In fact, starting at just the $125 level, players can begin to have some creative input! 

What the game needs now is backers! If you can give, and are looking for a new game to add to your library, open up your wallet and head over to the Kickstarter page here!