Was a little tricky getting decent images for this one... The official website was very little help, but fortunately, there was Facebook. This is not a review of the website, though. This is a review of the movie, so shall we jump right in?

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I'm going to fully admit here that when it comes to literature, I absolutely can't stand science fiction. I'm a fantasy guy through and through. Conversely, when it comes to more visual mediums, I tend to lean more towards the sci-fi. I suppose my brain sees Sci-fi as more of a visual medium, whereas fantasy is a more mental exercise. Who knows, I could just be crazy. This is why, I am only marginally interested in the Hobbit films, but will run out to see something like Edge of Tomorrow.

Image obtained from Official Facebook page.

When I heard the premise of Edge of Tomorrow, the first thought I had was "Sci-Fi Groundhog's Day". Frankly, this sounds like an awesome concept. Groundhog's Day was an interesting exploration of a man's decent into madness, after having to relive the same day over and over again. The whole time, learning a little bit more every day. Toss in a sci-fi war theme, and that is really what you are dealing with in Edge of Tomorrow.

In the film, Tom Cruise gets trapped in a sort of time loop that is started each time he dies. This puts him in a situation where he is forced to try and learn things from day to day, to try and survive. As a central theme, this is actually kinda fun, and while I am sure it has been done somewhere before, this is the first time I have seen it. So thematically, I was really digging the movie. The way they showed multiple days passing was well managed, and also added some real levity when things were getting too serious. 

Image obtained from Official Facebook page.

Visually, the movie is also fairly interesting. The mechanical suits that they are given have a sort of minimalism that give them a sense of believability that was refreshing in a sci-fi film. Also, the creatures had an interesting aesthetic that fit well within the movie's world. The way they move is very fluid, and looks great up on the big screen. Visually, there was nothing on the screen that took me out of the moment, and didn't feel natural.

The big problem I had with the movie, was the ending, which felt forced, and took me out of the movie completely. Obviously, because I avoid spoilers, I won't go into anything specific. The problem is, that in the context of the film, it makes no sense, and feels like it was ripped from a bad Nic Cage movie. Speaking of which... is it odd that the main character of the movie is named Cage? 

Despite the weak ending, I found the film to be, on the whole, an exciting summer flick. It had some great action, injected a few good bits of unexpected humor, and managed to keep things running well until the end. Well played, and enjoyable. I can only hope there is an alternate ending on the Blu-ray release.

RECOMMENDATION: If you're in the mood for some sci-fi action, that has a sort of Groundhog's Day-esque scenario, this film is for you. It's an enjoyable ride, with an ending that feels forced, but all in all, it's good fun.

IS IT THEATER WORTHY: Considering the size of the film, I think it best to see it on the big screen. It plays well, it looks amazing, and Tom Cruise actually appears to be human sized! A great experience, and worth every minute.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As I said, it is a fun film, with a weak to bad ending. It's like an airplane ride that ends just short of the runway. It gets you where you are going, just needs some work at the end. A satisfying summer film.

FINAL SCORE: 7.5 out of 10