I try to look at upcoming releases every year, and ponder whether or not I am willing to commit large chunks of my life to them. Last year, I skipped, even though there were several titles I was really interested in, because I did not know if I would have a PS4 or not. This year, the PS4 is firmly in my hands, and has seen quite a bit of use. So, I look at the slate of upcoming releases with a renewed vigor. Despite my eagerness for the new year, I am reluctant to commit to too many games. Between the price, and the time commitment involved, gaming can be an exceptionally costly hobby. Considering some of my other hobbies, this extra expense is not a good thing. So, with that in mind I narrowed down a field of around 15 games to 3 with one that I might pick up, if I find some extra cash. So, without further delay... The three games that I think will make my 2015 more fun.

Batman: Arkham Knight- This one is kind of a no brainer. I loved the main Arkham games, didn't care much at all for Arkham Origins, but since that was not done by the original developer, I suppose that was a given. The rhythmic feel of the fighting engine used in these games, makes fighting feel like a dance... A manly dance, dammit! And with the stellar voice work that they line up every time, one can not help but feel immersed in Batman's world every time they play. With secrets and Easter eggs lined up all over the place, these games promise a very lengthy road to 100% completion. Even then, you are likely to find out that you missed some random thing, that will force you to dive back in months later. I'd still like to be able to play the game as multiple characters, though. Being able to play as Nightwing, Batgirl, or even Robin in the primary story would add replayability beyond anything the series has had yet. Sadly, characters like this will be relegated to the Challenge maps, and will thus probably never be touched by me. Kinda sad. Adding the Batmobile to the game will be a welcome addition. And if this trailer doesn't get you pumped, you're just not human!

Mighty No. 9- If you were like me, your childhood was a never-ending stream of Megaman games. There was a time where it seemed like every year there was another addition to the Megaman franchise, spanning multiple generations of consoles, and even getting an RPG at one point. Then, Capcom kicked the Blue Bomber to the curb. The veteran of many a robot war, left to live out the rest of his days in squalor, abandoned by the ones that gave him life. Since 2008, he has been left on a shelf, alone, forgotten, betrayed. Until now that is... Well, sort of. Enter Mighty No. 9. A game with characters designed by Keiji Inafune, the man who designed Megaman. Looking at the game, it is a clear spiritual successor to the original Megaman games, and a game a gladly backed on Kickstarter. Yeah, this will be another game I will likely scream at the screen in complete and utter frustration... Just like I have been since I played the first Megaman game back in the late 80's. Oh Nostalgia, how I love you so. 

Persona 5- I was in High School when the first Persona game was released. I remember loving the game, as it offered up something different from the standard RPGs that Squaresoft and the ilk had been putting out. I also vividly remember my little brother loathing the game like it was some form of Inquisition-era torture device. His hatred of the game, meant I was limited in my exposure to the game's sequels. I picked up number 2 years later on a whim, and picked up 3 even further down the line. I never got a chance to play 4, as it was released on the PS2, and mine still lays non-functional. But, bringing the series to the PS4 means that I will once more get a chance to dive in to the world I fell in love with so very long ago. I'm eager to see how this one turns out... In the mean time, perhaps I will finally dive into Persona 4.

Honorable Mention: Dying Light- You may know, I love zombies. So much so, I was tempted to pick up an XBox One just to play Dead Rising 3. In fact, Dead Rising was the first game I picked up with my 360, and was the entire reason I got the 360. I've watched more zombie movies than any healthy person ever should, and I own 3 copies of Night of the Living Dead. To say I love zombies might actually be a bit of an understatement. So, any time I see a zombie game announced, I get a little excited. However, I remain a little distant, afraid it might turn into an utter shit fest. If there is extra money available, I might pick this up... otherwise, I'll wait and see what others have to say... 

And there you have it... My 3 most anticipated games of the year. Anything you would add or change? Let me know!