State of the Fist May 2015

I started this year with great aspirations. I planned on reviving the blog, and making things back to the way they were. I know now, that is not likely to ever happen. From the beginning, Slamfist Media was always a collaborative effort. It was 5 guys working together to try and do something big. Over time, that fell apart. I suppose one could say that life happened. Being the reluctant optimist that I am, I continued to pour my money into this site, telling myself over and over again that things were going to get better, that the original purpose of this endeavor would reassert itself and some form of return to form would be possible.

If the last year has taught me one thing, however... it's that hope is a fickle bitch. Dangling little teases in front of you, always making you believe something better is just ahead. The only thing waiting for you as you move forward is more heartbreak, more wasted time, and more money flushed down the drain in an effort to hold on to things that will never be.

When I purchased the domain name, and spent weeks redesigning this site. Pouring countless hours of my free time into this, I held on to the fleeting belief that I still had a team with me. Today, I cast aside that hope. I stuck to certain formats, as those were the collaboratively chosen formats. Now, I remind myself, that 99% of the money that has kept this site going from the beginning came from my pockets. So, collaboration be damned. This is my site. My work. My life. I'm tired of trying to appease silent partners. Going forward, I am running this to make myself happy.

What does this mean in the long run?

It means you will probably be seeing me write whatever comes to mind, and Plowshares writing whatever comes to his mind (I'm imagining it will be Magic related, but he has said he might surprise me.) I will also be actively seeking out new writers. I want to expand the scope of this blog, and return it to some semblance of what it was meant to be. Also, starting today, May 18th, 2015, if an author goes a year without contributing to the blog, their writing privileges will be revoked. If you know someone that would like to write for Slamfist Media, have them email .

Personal goals for the year. Reviewing all the movies I want to see this year was a foolish goal. I can not commit to seeing them in any semblance of a timely fashion due to my work schedule. Instead, I will endeavor to write at least one entry that ties into pop culture in some way every month. If things improve on my end, and I can get over the nagging depression that has been dragging me down lately, I will strive for even more posts. Possibly a post every 2 weeks. Most importantly, I want to get back into something that used to bring me such joy... I want to pick up the shattered pieces of my creativity, and get back to writing.

So, I'm here to tell you, the Fist is broken. The Fist is bruised. But the Fist is not giving up yet.