MY TUNES- "PMJ- Part one"

Music is a sort of primal thing, I think. Music incites so many different emotions. There are songs out there, that can inspire a myriad of different feelings, depending on when you hear it. They can bring you up, make you laugh, inspire rage, bring you to tears... Music is a powerful thing, and in the hands of the right person, music can be awe inspiring.

Enter Scott Bradlee.

I found out about Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox completely randomly. The viral nature of some of their videos happened to find it's way to my Facebook wall, and I was instantly enthralled.

I've heard people rail against the concept of the remake when movies are concerned, complaining that the remake is never as good as the original, that the remake cheapens the original somehow. Hell, even I have come down against remakes and their ilk. However, in music, things are different. One can have a perfectly acceptable cover version of a song. It uses the same (or slightly modified) lyrics, but puts new vocals in, or changes up the arrangement, so that something old, becomes new again. Bands like Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, as well as Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have made careers out of cover songs. Even the late great Johnny Cash was guilty of indulging in a cover song (The amazing cover of NiN's "Hurt" is amazing). Scott Bradlee comes along, and manages to create a whole new spin on cover songs, and it is glorious.

It is a rare thing when an artist can take the most banal lyrics, or a loathsome song (I'm talking to you "Barbie Girl") and turn it into a fun, peppy Beach Boys-inspired ordeal. PMJ managed to do just that. Cover songs are an amazing thing, that can take even a great original work, and turn it into something new and better. So far, there is not a single cover I have heard from Postmodern Jukebox that has not improved upon the original.

I'm going to toss out an example, using the video that inspired me to write this...

First though... the original. A song I find positively unbearable to listen to...Keep in mind, this is about the song, so I'm just using the lyrics version, so the old Gaga spectacle doesn't shine through.

Now, check out the Postmodern Jukebox cover.

Everything about this cover is beautiful. They've managed to take a modern song, and send it back in time, and infuse it with so much emotion that... Just wow. And as much as I love the vocals on this track, for me the real winner was Sarah Reich's foot work. That is some wonderful tap dancing, and just adds so much to the track itself.

I've spent many nights at work now, listening to a playlist composed of nothing but Postmodern Jukebox tunes. There are many instances where I do not recognize the song they are covering, but in no way does that diminish my enjoyment.

I think what I am trying to say in the end here, is that this is some seriously good music, from some insanely talented individuals, and I'd recommend you check them out immediately if you haven't already.!

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It is my hope, since there is a video posted weekly, to write a bit about the new videos from now on... We shall see if I can manage that.