So, I was driving the other day, and as is often the case my mind began to roam. Many people will think this is a bad thing, but I am the type who likes to use somewhat repetitive activities as a chance to think. So, showers, driving, laying in bed not sleeping... all are times when I start to let my mind ponder various things. I let it off the leash so to speak.

Anyway, I was driving and my mind came to the concept of reincarnation and immortality. You know common things people ponder while driving, right? So I began to ponder the implications that an infinite string of reincarnations might have on a person's sanity if they were to remember all of those incarnations.

That was the moment "Incarnate" was born.

In the Supara universe, you might recall, there are individuals with powers. Most people conceive of super powers as things that are inherently beneficial to the person possessing them; super speed, flight, super strength, shape-shifting... This character is an attempt to show what happens when a character has a mostly useless power. A power that in all honesty is a form of torture.

The character has an ability, for sure, but that character's ability is a curse in their eyes. It is a character that has traversed the world, and lived under the influence of every major religion throughout time. A character that has been promised a Heaven, but all they ever get is an unending purgatory. For me it's an interesting concept. It is an opportunity to view various ideologies through the eyes of a person that can't see a value in them, because they can never experience this promised afterlife.

And you may notice I keep referring to the character in non-gender specific terms. I do this quite intentionally, since the character's gender can change between reincarnations. This is due in large part to the mechanism I envisioned for the reincarnations. I'll let the character explain it all in story.

I think in the end, this character is perhaps the hardest character to find a voice for that I have ever worked with. This is a character that has been figures of legends, and random nobodies. They've been male and female. They have been a mother, and a father. They were at times a lover, other times a killer, and sometimes a little of both. Their head is a little chaotic, because all of these lives still live on in their head.

The story itself will take place over the course of at least three of those consecutive lives. This is done because the voice should remain mostly consistent throughout, as well as it is necessary in regards to the central antagonist of the story. My current chapter convention is to name the chapter after the year that the major push of that section begins. Chapter one will be '53, chapter two will be '76, chapter 3 will be '95, and if it works out, chapter 4 will be perhaps '13 (chapter 4 is pending based on the idea, as well as hammering out the timeline of events in the universe)

This is still a work in progress. I've only finished the first draft of the first chapter, but I wanted to post about the project so that people will know kind of what to expect. I think this will be a really interesting story. Hope you'll enjoy it when I get around to finishing it, and posting it.