I've been doing a lot of writing lately, and I've found that the best way to get some proper time in, is to have the proper soundtrack to keep the creative juices flowing. Lately I've had a most bizarre mix of Nobuo Uematsu, some assorted classic rock, and a healthy assortment of the Postmodern Jukebox catalog. It's an odd mix, but it keeps things varied, and allows for some very interesting synapse firings to say the very least.

Today's video is an interesting one, since it actually plays into what I am writing in a sort of beautiful way. Many people will remember Katy Perry's hit "I Kissed a Girl". It was released only a little over 7 years ago, so it should still be relatively fresh on the minds of many. It was catchy, in a sort of sugary, rot-your-teeth peppy sort of way. It managed to weasel its way into just about any aspect of daily life, to the point it was impossible to avoid. 

Enter the Postmodern Jukebox version:

This song offers up a less pop-inspired take on these insipid lyrics, and with the addition of the Tee Tones on backup vocals, elevate this vacuous pop hit to something that actually sounds more palatable.

Robyn Adele Anderson once again steps into the lead spot, much like she did with one of my favorite PMJ covers (and coincidentally the song I use to introduce friends and coworkers to PMJ) "Gangsta's Paradise". She has that sort of look that seems ripped out of a 50's pin-up that paired with the sound of this song, is just perfect.

The biggest and best indication that this is Doowop, is the Tee Tones. Those guys, add to the veracity of the whole thing, elevating this from what would have been just a nice 50's throwback into something that feels like a legit Doowop hit.

Leave it to the amazingly talented Scott Bradlee, to take something that many of us may want to forget, and turn it into something that I'm glad to have on constant rotation.

As I promised with the last PMJ post, if you are the first to email me at slamfistmedia at gmail dot com, I will gift you a copy of this song through either iTunes, or Google Play (if Google allows such things)

(Trying for a shorter post format here... Still playing with the whole concept of writing about music.)