Bad Brews: Standard Origins Decks

New set. New cards. New Standard. New decks. Here a few (exceedingly rough) outlines for new or reemerging strategies I suspect will be players in the next three months.

Let's start with the big bad guy from last year coming back from the dead. Mono Black was a pillar of the format that got hit really hard by rotation last fall. With a few new cards like Despoiler of Souls and Erebos's Titan, however, I think it's poised for a comeback. With the sac-value package of Champion/Emissary + Marauder/Executioner, it has quite a good amount of synergy. Whip and Siege allow for some serious shenanigans with all of the "enters the battlefield" effects.

There are a number of solid Elves legal for the next three months with the potent combo of Chord and Company. Although, Company may not be at it's best here with so many misses. Perhaps we should max out on Sylvan Messenger instead. Newcomer Dwynen's Elite is great with boons from Dwynen herself or Obelisk. Shaman of the Pack is the reason this deck can be competitive, though - giving a great deal of reach to an otherwise outclass-able aggro deck. Winnower is simply a value card that will help against midrange Creatures.

The deck I was most excited to build did not disappoint. It's a little short on threats, so another color may be warranted. But, otherwise, it's a solid deck built around layers and layers of Enchantment synergy. It's a slow, grindy control deck looking to have a lot of late game value with Starfield and Sigil of the Empty Throne.

This deck is probably the best of the bunch, but it's also the roughest list. It wants to be an aggro deck at it's core, but it also has designs on abusing Nykthos-level mana. I feel like some numbers need tweaked and it could use a couple Hall of Triumph, but it's super solid. It looks to go wide and use anthem effects to overwhelm an opponent exceptionally quickly.

There you have them! Do you love them or hate them? What tweaks would you recommend? What are you looking to play in this brave new world? Let me know!