Let us begin, with the trailer I am here to talk about:

After seeing a recent movie, superhero flicks were leaving a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Sadly, this trailer has more humor, more action, and just downright more fun than that unnamed movie with a rather undeserved name.

Unlike a certain other incarnation of the character, this time around the character gets to keep his sense of humor, and they dive into that right off the bat. Doing something once can't help but applaud the film for, they allow Ryan Reynolds to be a total smart ass. His ability to deliver snarky commentary is what made him perfect for this role (and honestly perfect for the role of Hal Jordan).

I also appreciate that the character's very nature allows them to make some extremely meta references (one of which I was rather slow on the pick up for) happens right around the 34 second mark of the trailer.

This one trailer, has given me more hope for the non-MCU Marvel movies than any other trailer for any other film yet. This appears to be a film that was made by people that know Deadpool, love Deadpool, and are ready to unleash Deadpool on an unsuspecting movie audience.

My only hope is that between now and then, they will be able to shed the stigma attached to a certain movie about a less than fantastic quartet.

This movie will definitely be on my most anticipated list for next year!