Bad Brews: Mardu-ing It in Standard

It has been pointed out many times over the last few months that my Modern deck is halfway legal in Standard. Butcher of the Horde, Crackling Doom, Kolaghan's Command, Thoughtseize, Mountain... okay - too far. Even cards like Young Pyromancer, Lingering Souls, and Lightning Bolt have Standard counterparts. So I thought to myself: When should I draft a Quarterback this year?

Fantasy Football aside, I wondered how well my deck would actually translate to Standard. I arrived first at the following list:

Without the plethora of cheap, efficient removal of Modern, I opted to take a more proactive token approach. Mentor is Young Pyromancer on crack and we have plenty of tokens to feed Butcher or pump with Sorin. I don't like how the mana curve turned out, though. There's too many three drops here. Curving out at three is fine, but you can't ignore turns one and two in the process. Let's try again:

Fiery Impulse and Wild Slash give you ways to interact with a single mana, limited in scope as they may be. Dragon Fodder over Hordeling Outburst gives you cheaper threats and a higher probability of having two spells to play following a Mentor. Having a low curve is of particular importance when you consider how you are forced to play tapped Lands in order to avoid horrific mana. I could see an argument for Mana Confluence, but I fear aggro is too prevalent in the meta right now and the only life gain requires four mana and other Creatures.

The great thing about this deck is it's also fairly rotation-proof. It only loses Thoughtseize, Lightning Strike, and Raise the Alarm. Relevant cards, but not enough to completely shatter the deck. These can be swapped out moving forward simply by going up to the full four on the two-ofs if there's nothing in Battle For Zendikar for it.

What do you all think? Can this deck find a place in Standard? How would you improve it? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. And, as always, keep Mardu-ing it!