Bad Brews: Guest Spotlight - Standard Gobelisk

I finally figured out how to make Goblins work in Standard! I'm absolutely positive this list is tuned perfectly to take down a Competitive-level event! We have all been searching and testing for so long, but I finally got it right! The answer:

Ask my buddy Justin Cahill who recently piloted a Goblins deck to a win at a StarCityGames Open Trial Event.

All joking aside, this is 100% Justin's list and it is a thing of beauty.

I miss the days when every deck started off with a framework of 20 Basic Lands, 20 Creatures, and 20 Spells. There was a simplicity and smoothness to the draws and the way games played out. Justin has crafted a list that hearkens back to an older time of Magic and gives me all sorts of warm fuzzys. While this deck may not be my particular cup of tea strategy-wise, I love the straightforward approach of "play dudes, turn dudes sideways, make more dudes, buff dudes, turn more dudes sideways, win." Convoking for Stoke the Flames and Obelisks gives you something to do with the guys you just played, allowing you to shorten the game immediately while still progressing your board state. Goblins Rabblemaster and Piledriver give you a solid late game to pair with 11 aggressive one-drops and pay off greatly with your Goblin-token-making spells.

I know this list is only relevant for a few weeks, but I wanted to make sure it got the attention it deserves. It's relatively cheap to build and can spike an event out of nowhere. Congratulations, Justin, and thank you for letting me showcase your success.