It never fails, you know? I'm just walking down the street, and people stop me and ask, "Frank, you're so awesome, when are you going to do more of those Fairytale stories? Did we mention we love you and you are are favorite person ever?"

...Shortly after that, I wake up.

But, I do honestly get occasional questions about resuming my Fairytale battles, and I'm here to say... I'm gonna do it.

You might be asking yourself, "Why today?"

Simply put, today is the 2 year anniversary of the launch of a Kickstarter project that was kind of influential in the creation of those initial battles. Or, at least it was related to the original battles. 2 years ago, the Fairytale Games Miniature campaign launched.

You may wonder why I ever stopped writing them in the first place? Partially it was my fault. I fell into a bit of a funk. I finished a battle, sent it away for approval, and when I never heard back, I just gave up. I apologize for that.

The sad thing there, is that I had a rather large over-arching story I was trying to tell, that was going to eventually connect all of the stories into a single final battle, which was going to be kind of epic, in my mind... But bygones and all that. The whole thing is dead, and that particular story line will never be resolved.

I'm here to start a new chapter of Fairytales. I am currently working on The Fairytale Tournament Royale! 16 possibly familiar characters, thrown into a bloody orgy of death. 2 wild cards are also added in to help satisfy some debts I owe (the characters were originally going to be part of the overarching story mentioned above). Also, because I feel like stroking my ego, I decided to write a prologue chapter that centers around a fictional version of me... sort of.

The Prologue is almost done, but I swore I was going to have something to post today, and I will do it.

Some things to mention. Even if information from the creators of this universe dries up, I WILL continue to write this tournament. I am committed to this, not only for my sake, but for the sake of the other people that actually enjoy my insanity. So, what does this mean? It means that if I can't get information about the characters and how they exist in the game world, I will write them and characterize them in whatever way I see fit. Which leads to some strangeness (One need only look at the Frog Prince story to see what happens when I am completely on my own).

So, with all of that said... Why not head over HERE and check out the bracket while I finish up the prologue, and get ready to start on the qualifying matches... Let the games begin!