So I picked up the game while half asleep, and grabbing some caffeine from the local grocery store. It was one of those impulse things, that can get me in a lot of trouble when I'm tired.

Some back story:

I didn't get my first real exposure to "Mad Max" the franchise until shortly before I saw "Fury Road". It had never really shown up on my radar, and although I would liberally make references to the third movie in the series, I had never seen a single film in that series. Honestly, to this day I still haven't seen Thunderdome. While I enjoyed the films I did see, I would not say I was particularly enamored with the series. It's got some fun moments, but all in all for my post-apocalyptic enjoyment .... I'd rather play Fallout 3.

Enter "Mad Max" The game. A few days back, a friend of mine on Facebook messaged me and asked me if I had tried Mad Max, and we proceeded to have a little discussion about it. He ultimately ended up purchasing it, while I was still looking for a Red Box that had it available.

So now I have put in a few hours, and have to say, aesthetically the game is a success. It looks like a post-apocalyptic world that would have fit well into the Mad Max films. The characters that I have met so far, including a brief interaction with the amusingly named Lord Scrotus, all feel like they fit. The story, as has been presented so far works. 

This game, in execution feels a lot like what would happen if the Saints Row franchise had some illegitimate love child with Fallout. A game that focuses on cars, but set in a post-apocalyptic Fallout-esque world. Actually.... Come to think of it, it is kind of like a third person version of Borderlands, minus all of the over-the-top fun. Like a sort of grounded Borderlands with an upgradable vehicle, and costume changes that actually look to have an effect on the game, and not just an aesthetic that you will rarely see.

There is a lot of resource management going on. You have limited ammo, which you have to scavenge for. You have limited water, which refills your life bar, which you have to scavenge for. You have gasoline to keep your car going which- and I'm sure this will come as a surprise- you have to scavenge for.

The gameplay itself can be a little problematic. Combat feels like a cheaper version of the combat system used in the Arkham series, but minus all the fun. I actually found myself trying to avoid combat, because it felt too... repetitive. The game I have played so far is a little on the excessively linear side, but it has some promise. I hope that if played a little longer, I might be able to find some more exploration-based fun. Based on the trailer below, things will pick up.

All in all, the game should be a hit if you are a fan of Mad Max. If not, you might be on some shaky ground.

RECOMMENDATION: Mad Max fans, this is a tentative buy. While it feels like it fits in with the movies, the game play might be a little off-putting. If you aren't a Mad Max fan, hunt this down at a Red Box first... It'll cost you a little more in the end, but it could also save you a hell of a lot of money.


Now to try out the other rental from last night...