Worlds: Episode #0 - What is it?

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This is a new role-playing game column at Slamfist Media which will hopefully garner a generous amount of content and original ideas. We have a habit here of responding and reviewing and promoting other creations with only just enough or in my case of 2015; not enough time to create something original of our own.

Since my current employment tends to be more hands on and nothing short of soul-sucking pit of creative despair; I find myself day dreaming about what I use to love about writing. Creating worlds, settings, universes, and a place where tales can breathe. When I’m finally taskless with a pad of paper, my phone, or in front of my laptop; creating and honing campaign settings becomes my agenda. I need a place to put these ideas. I need a place where other people can witness these creations to such a degree that it will be epicly honed into a general consensus of… a fairly decent idea. So… welcome to Worlds.

Let’s be clear, unlike most of our posts on SFM, Worlds will have a loose structure. And by any means, isn’t limited to just me. Worlds is a cauldron of original or inspired ideas for campaign settings and perhaps stories. Or maybe something more. The idea isn’t to put boundaries on this process. This is a practice with a tad bit of showmanship.

The list below is some ideas I have brewing and you’ll be seeing sometime in the future. Keep in mind that some of these settings will have more information than others due to how much content for said creation has been curated for it. Also to help with the world building process, each World will have its own dedicated numeric reference within its title followed by the subject matter of said post.( i.e. Worlds: Gladium Fantasy #1 – Introduction,  Worlds: Eve #4 – Schools of Magick)

Worlds thus far:

Gladium Fantasy – GF takes place in the Fantasy Medieval World of Synthrel. The Gods are real, they’re cruel, and they love the bloodsport of gladiatorial combat. On the brink of our first world war in a millennia, are you ready to appease or defy their divine desires?

Eve: Eden Awakening – The magicks started with a genesis.  The magick chooses its speaker; shall you choose to accept its invitation, you will embark on a world of wonder, mystery, and darkness. Will you awaken a Seraphic, Gaea, or Irritum?

Rust – Everything is a much more complex place in this cybernetic future. A council of corporations runs the world. The stock market, as corrupt as it once was, is the new ebb and flow of power. Though our story takes place on the outskirts of the major cities as the independents lay low and try their best to stay off the global government’s radar.

The Dustlands [working title] – The world is a dry place. Or that’s what we know. Water is the fuel to everything. Our machines, plants, and power. In this Mad Max inspired post-apocalyptic future; water is life. Race across the wasteland and survive.

ALPHA – Amateur/Luchadores/Puresou/Hapkido/Anglo. Once a proud wrestling dojo; is now a growing independent professional wrestling promotion in the spirit of Ring of Honor, NXT, and Extreme Championship Wrestling. Can you cut a promo? Wrestle an incredible match? Manage your daunting work schedule whilst maintaining a good health? ALPHA is a game about the art of being a professional wrestler.

We, the Departed [working title] – My own old school home brew zombie setting. Nothing too special… but you’ll see.

Fulgrim [working title] – This world is a little different. Music is magic. And music is everything. There are loads of metal and 80’s pop references so far. You’ll love it, believe me.

Wicked Wild West [working title] – Steam Powered Cowboys and Magic Wielding Native Americans. Its 100 years later and American History just took an incredibly different turn.

That’s all I have ready to post thus far. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you and stay tuned.