Today, I post the haul from the last month. There is art by Joe Eisma, Chris Ehnot, Taylor Sterry, J. Adam Farster, and Allison Weyda. Wow... that's a mouthful, isn't it? And would you look at that? All those names up there can be clicked to take you to more information about the artist! I'm saving pieces from Adam Fields, Rico Renzi, and two other artists, whose names I have misplaced... Seriously, I am awful at keeping business cards with commissions. But, 5 pieces of art is still pretty awesome, right? I will post some of the other stuff next month. So you can have another big art dump! 

I apologize, though... several of these images are photos taken with my phone. Actually, almost all of them are. Only one (the Eisma piece) is digital native. Sorry about that. Also, you might notice a general theme, only one of the pieces breaks that theme, but it was too awesome NOT to include.

First up, the inspiration for this whole series, the man that has gotten the most commissions from me in a long while. Honestly, he is quickly approaching the most, depending on how you count. Yes, I am talking about the wonderful Mr. Joe Eisma. Once again I encourage you to back him on Patreon. Once again, the link is HERE. This month, I decided to go a little extravagant. I decided to mash up my favorite original character, with two of my favorite current Marvel characters. So, enjoy a good dose of Pendra, and Thor (the Jane Foster one) being controlled by Scarlet Witch. Check this out, and then go back him. 

Art by: Joe Eisma .Pendra Copyright: Slamfist Media. Thor& Scarlet Witch Copyright Marvel Comics.

Next up, I'd like to move on to Taylor Sterry. I ran into her while roaming around at the Cincinnati Comic Con (not to be confused with the Cincinnati Comic Expo). I was immediately taken with her fun art style, and since I was on a specific character kick, I decided to get Taylor's take on Scarlet Witch. So here you go, check it out... then check out her site HERE. What? Did you expect me to plug the artists only at the beginning? I hope you'll agree that the more whimsical style is quite fun. A great commission, and a wonderful addition to my Wanda Wall.

Art by: Taylor Sterry    Character Copyright: Marvel Comics.

J. Adam Farster comes next. This one also comes from the Cincinnati Comic Con. I walked past the table twice, before I decided. I wanted to see his take on my favorite character. So once more, I present to you a Scarlet Witch. This time, an interpretation of her most recent costume. Check out his art over HERE, and if you ever run across him, commission him! He's got a fun style. If I had more money at the time, I might have gone back for a second commission. 

Art by: J. Adam Farster    Character Copyright: Marvel Comics.

The order of these commissions is rather random. I'm honestly posting them in the order I had them in my folder after cropping and whatnot. The next piece, breaks the pattern briefly, because It doesn't involve the Scarlet Witch at all! When I found Allison Weyda's table at the Cincinnati Comic Expo (Yep... moved on to the Expo this time... or as I like to call it, a multi-day Panic Attack!) I decided to do my favorite type of commission. I call this, "Artist's Delight". I present the artist with my binder of original characters, and let them choose the one that speaks to them. Allison chose Starstruck (coincidentally, I am retiring Starstruck and Sync from the binder for a little while). Frankly, I think her style for the character was perfect. And I can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall! Check out Allison's work over HERE.

Art by Allison Weyda.   Character Copyright: Slamfist Media

The last piece I'm showcasing this month, is the last piece I received. The idea was conceived after the doors shut Friday night of the Comic Expo. It fermented in my head for the night, and while standing in line to wait for Stan Lee, I decided to go for it. I left the line, and ended up at the table of Chris Ehnot. Chris' work might be best recognized for what he has done for Zenescope, and for this particular commission, his style looked perfect! So, I approached him with the idea of witch vs witch. In this case, Scarlet Witch vs Dark Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I had a friend pick it up Sunday afternoon, and got it back roughly one week after the idea was initially conceived. I think it was worth the wait. HERE's a link to Chris' page on DeviantArt, since his SITE seems a little off on my computer. But feel free to check it out, too!

Art By Chris Ehnot   Scarlet Witch Copyright Marvel Comics.   Dark Willow Copyright Joss Whedon?

Wow. Can you believe all of that? And that is only about half of the month's commissions. Next year, I am instituting a brand new commission system. I call it "Jars". I will be bringing 2 jars to every convention. Depending on the per-character price of commissions, they will either draw 1 or 2 names from the character jar, and one name from the activity jar. And here is where my readers can have some fun... Give me suggestions for what characters should be added to the character jar. Give me ideas for the activities to be added into the activity jar. Keep in mind, that these activities must be strictly of the PG-13 or lower variety. Nothing excessively violent nor pornographic. But... use your imaginations, have fun... Leave your ideas below!