This is kind of awesome to think about, 9 monthly increments of this. This will constitute over a dozen unique pieces of art, by I think 9 different artists. I don't even want to think about how much money this represents. There have been a number of different styles, all of them amazing in their own way. As of right now, I see no signs of stopping, and am honestly already looking towards next year... Pondering ideas to keep things interesting for the foreseeable future. I also plan on including Joe Eisma's commissions, until he either gets tired of me, or I run out of money to throw in his general direction!

It's also amazing to think that Joe is the only artist I've featured that I have not had an opportunity to shake hands with. Hopefully, he'll make it to one of the conventions near me some day, and I can fix that.

On to the art that is the only reason you guys are looking at this right now!

This month, I am featuring the work of Adam Fields, Joe Eisma, Rico Renzi, and Kevlen Goodner. The overwhelming theme of this month is.... Sketch Covers. 

I'd like to start this one of with Rico. I ran across Rico at the Cincy Comic Convention, where he was seated near the rest of the Spider-Gwen Team. It is worth noting, that Spider-Gwen is one of my favorite new characters to pop up in the last couple of years and I have several little Spider-Gwen bits floating around my house and office. Rico is the guy that brings the colors to Spider-Gwen, and Squirrel Girl. Check him out over HERE. And if you run into him at a convention, say hello! He's a great guy. 

Character owned by Marvel Comics. Art by: Rico Renzi

Shall we continue on the Cincy Comic Con commissions? This next artist is actually, a friend of a friend, who I friended on Facebook something like a year ago... And oddly, he is one of the people that is allowed to post to this website. I'm talking about my friend Adam Fields. You might not recognize the name yet, but I think that might only be a matter of time. He is currently working on his own comic, and if I remember correctly, he plans on releasing the first issue next year... If you're reading this, Adam... Correct me if I'm wrong. You can check out more of his stuff HERE. And if you are in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, it is a strong possibility you can find him at a convention nearby... I swear he posts another convention appearance every other weekend. Either way, lets keep the Gwen train going, with his interpretation of Gwenpool!

Character owned by Marvel Comics. Art by Adam Fields.

This next piece makes me feel bad. Not because I don't like it, but because I screwed up, and forgot to get the artist's card, or something to go with the commission, and have been trying to figure out who drew it since last month. Finally, I can say with at least 90% certainty, that this is the art of Kevlen Goodner. The sad thing is, he has three mutual friends on Facebook, so this should have been easy for me. Another piece from the Cincy Comic Con, and the only one of these I commissioned for a friend (who also happens to be one of the minds behind Slamfist Media.) And, if I remember to, I'll actually deliver this one to the intended recipient in the next few days... You can find Kevlen on Facebook over HERE ... But I don't see a website for him. If you see him at a convention, say hi and have some fun geeking out with him. He's good people. Without further rambling.... Check out his Iron Fist!

Character owned by Marvel Comics.   Art by Kevlen Goodner

And, last but not least, is the latest (not really... I already have next month's commission in hand, but you have to wait to see it.) from Joe Eisma! Joe is on Patreon, and I firmly encourage you to go there and back him, because I want more of his Morning Glories side story! And the best way to get more, is to get more people donating to him... So Back him on Patreon HERE, so I can get my fix! He is also currently working on Archie, and just recently had his first issue released! Check that out. Furthermore, since I always plug Morning Glories, go demand that your local Comic Shop stock the 10th Morning Glories trade, which Amazon says will be available December 20th (Totally getting it as a birthday present for myself!) This month, I asked him to do something a little more light-hearted than normal (partially because one of the Slamfist Team suggested it...) So, below you have Black Panther and our character Ghost singing the classic song, "Ebony and Ivory"

Black Panther owned by Marvel Comics. Ghost owned by Slamfist Media. Ebony and Ivory owned by Paul McCartney. Art by Joe Eisma. 

I look forward to sharing more next month... Because honestly, I really want to share the last piece from the Cincinnati Comic Expo.