Almost a year's worth of commissions! And I show no signs of stopping. I've already put in my request for next month, and I have another couple brewing in random places. So, next month should be awesome... But for now, I only have two for this month. I don't have a lot in the way of things to say this month, so... let's start this out with the Eisma art of the month!

This month, I basically just gave Joe two characters, and left it up to him how he wanted to play with them. And, since my theme of late has been putting one of our characters in with an established character from mainstream publisher, this month brings us the epic showdown between Warden and The Punisher! As always, I would recommend you visit Joe's Patreon page HERE. Donate, join in the merriment, and help me get my twice monthly fix of his Patreon exclusive Morning Glories strip! C'mon... you know you want to join in! 

Punisher Owned by Marvel Comics. Warden Owned by Slamfist Media. Art by Joe Eisma

The next piece is a matter of some frustration for me... On the one hand, I absolutely love it. It's my favorite character from a small comic called "Rat Queens". The downside, is I lost the artist's business card, so I have no idea who to attribute it to. If you recognize the artist's signature, or their style, let me know so I can fix this! In the meantime, I present to you Betty from Rat Queens, a Smidgen with a heart that is probably 95% drugs and candy... But dammit... ya can't help but love her!

Betty Owned by: Image Comics. Art by: Unknown...

There you go! The art I have for you this month. Next month, I should hopefully have two more pieces. Until then, have a great month, and I hope you enjoyed the art! Also, if you know the artist that drew Betty, please drop me a line in the comments. If you know an artist that might be looking to be commissioned, let me know below as well!