A little thought on Patreon

Hi guys, it's been a while. If you want to know what happened to me, head on over to my personal blog, the link should be somewhere up above. I don't want to talk about that here, I want to talk about Patreon.

I learned about Patreon a while back, because of my obsession with Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox. You can check that out HERE. But despite my love of their music, that isn't what I am here to talk about... not really.

I'm here to discuss the concept of Patreon.

As some of our readers might know, I am a little big on the concept of crowd-funding. I love the ability crowd-funding offers to connect with the masses. And of the various platforms I have thrown money at, Patreon might just be the most satisfying.

When set up properly, the creator of a Patreon page only gets paid when they produce something. Rather than the Kickstarter model where you pay the creator to hopefully produce something if enough funds are raised. Or the Indiegogo model, where you pay money, and hope that the money is used to make the things you paid for.

The Patreon is unique in that it can potentially only pay the artist if they produce. Scott Bradlee has his set up for a per video basis. The same with the Player Piano page. Others are a little more loose with their payment schedule, some charging on a monthly basis, or every two weeks. One of my recent favorites, and one I encourage everyone to support, is Joe Eisma's. Those of you of the more geeky persuasion might recognize that name as the artist behind the rather compelling comic "Morning Glories". If you're not familiar, I highly recommend that you check it out. He charges on a monthly basis, but he puts out some fun art. Like this piece I am particularly fond of:

Artwork Copyright Joe Eisma. Character Copyright Slamfist Media

Yep, if you jump in at the $25 level, he will do an awesome commission like the one above. And, I have to say it is worth it. Love that picture, and hope someday to get a color version.

And on top of all that, Patreon allows you to have stretch goals! I'm gonna admit, I want to see Joe hit some of his goals... New comics are always a welcome thing. So please, go support Joe!