Well, considering the monthly nature of Patreon, and my decision to back Joe Eisma for a monthly commission, I thought, "Well, if I am going to be getting a new piece of art every month, why not share those pieces?"

So, I present to you what should hopefully be a monthly feature. I give to you: The Commission Collection!

Before I go further, I want to direct EVERYONE checking this out to Joe Eisma's Patreon page HERE. I would also like to encourage you to become his patron. The man does some great work, and if that page doesn't get you your Eisma fix, check out the amazing comic he draws "Morning Glories" you can pick up the trades on Amazon, and I highly recommend that you do. The comic can be a little confusing at points, but it is fun.

Anyway, check it out.

I'm also keeping one month behind the actual commissions... So I have a one month buffer for now. Trust me, next month's piece is pretty awesome.

Anyway, this month, I will present to you a piece I got shortly after my Patreon post last month. The character is one you might not be familiar with, since Icarus has not really been touched in the past. So, some background for those interested, Icarus' info. Check that out.

So, here you go!

Character Copyright Slamfist Media. Art by Joe Eisma.