PILOTS! 2013: 10/13 - 10/19

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Disclaimer: For those who do not know what a pilot is; it's basically the first episode of a new television program. A true pilot is where the producers and "creators" of the program receive funding to film an entire episode in an attempt to pitch their show to their network/investors. Other pilots are just the first episode of the series because either A.) It was already greenlit for series before the first episode was even shot or B.) The pilot episode wasn't good enough (via the Network's point of view), so the creators made a second episode either to pitch it again or go ahead and put it live.

No matter what, my intention is to view the first episode of each new show that I'm slightly interested in. Then I'll let you know how I feel within non-spoilery-blurbs followed by a verdict that explain if I'll be tuning in from here on out, maybe the next one or two episodes, or not at all. Venture forth!


Premiered Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Network:  The CW

Time slot:  Wednesday @ 8:00 PM

Type / Genre: Multi-Camera / Period Drama

Creator(s): Stephanie SenguptaLaurie McCarthy

Writer(s): Stephanie SenguptaLaurie McCarthy

Director(s): Brad Silberling

Stars: Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs

REIGN or what I jokingly said about 15 minutes in; the O.C./Downtown Abby Show by way of CW is about the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1557 France. Right off the bat, I can easily tell that this show isn't meant for me. I'm sorry but I don't find giggly, mini, period piece make-up montages something I'm terribly interested in. Though to be honest, it wasn't a awful watch. The location from which they shot felt feel and rooted well within the story. With a little research, they didn't film ON location but they did a little in Ireland. So the backdrops give the show a sense of character. The outfits are as you expected. Inviting and often times, off-putting but since I'm not a 1500's France fashion aficionado, I can't say if it was at all accurate. The acting is a tad cheeky but maybe it's hard to decipher what the British version of a CW star is supposed to sound like. Either way, the romance angel their trying to play to in the pilot is THE premise of the overall show. Which to me neither feels honest or realistic. I'm almost certain the following episodes will improve the overall tone but they were too heavy handed with the pilot which is saying a lot for a tweeny CW show. 

Verdict: It's not my cup of tea - I like some of the risks they're taking for a Network show but I'm not thrilled of whats to come. So I'm going to have to pass. Mind you, it's not bad. Just not for me.

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over at CW or on HuluPlus.