This is the "Wall of Awesome"... named such, because I haven't decided on a name yet. This is where I will immortalize winners of Contests, and others who just deserve to have their name featured here! Names featured on the "Wall of Awesome" will be here for as long as possible, hopefully forever, but you know, now until forever is a long time. So, who knows what the future will hold, right?

Winners of the first "Fairytale Games" contest! 

GRAND PRIZE: Patrick McMahan

1st Prize: Roger Sato

2nd Prize: Andrew Higgins

3rd Prize: Daniel Bee

Winners of the second "Fairytale Games" contest!

Bantam Weight Tier  

Grand Prize:  Timothy Devery

Runners Up:  Ryan Bombard and Denis Maddalena


Heavyweight Tier

Grand Prize: Ira Mayers.

Runners Up: Sam Smit and Christian Bremer

Special Additional Prizes: Jesse Cotton, Chris Fleming and Kary Williams