Greetings and salutations denizens of Fairytale Land

The Queens, may they rule forever, have requested your assistance in choosing the participants of the second annual Grand Melee tournament!

Listed below you will see the prospective participants. 16 shall enter, and one shall emerge.

Each Citizen is allowed 8 choices, the winners will be separated into a tournament bracket, like so:

1 will be the participant that gets the most votes, 2 will be the second most votes and so on. There are two individuals the Queens have placed in an elimination match for the 15th and 16th positions. These individuals have raised the ire of the Queens, and have been placed there in lieu of execution. Whether they will even live to see the fight has yet to be seen.

Vote now. One vote per citizen. Encourage your friends and family to vote. If there are enough votes received, then perhaps a second tournament will be opened up.  The Queens are eager to see how this tournament plays out.

-Frank, Herald of the Queens.



The Voting period has ended. The Tournament shall begin soon.