Welcome to Frank's handy tutorial, for all your "I'm new to this site, and don't know what I am doing" needs.

For starters, logging in is important. To log in, just head on over to any page that is featured on this site, I recommend The Home Page . From there, to bring up the Logon page all you need to do is press the "ESC" key on your keyboard. The logon page should be self-explanatory, but:

Wow, that turned out bigger than I thought... Anyway, everything is linked to the email address you linked your account to, or if you're so inclined you could use Google+ to log on, but seriously... who uses Google+? As long as the Stay Logged In portion is checked, your computer should be remembered for a minimum of 2 weeks, so you shouldn't have to necessarily log in EVERY time you come by.

Once you've entered the appropriate information, this side bar should appear on the left hand side of the screen. (Click it to enlarge) If you see this, that means you are a content editor, and can provide new posts to the blog. It also means you can edit pages, and such. Before you go editing any pages, I'd recommend talking to Frank, just in case.

The biggest portion of this sidebar, and the part that will be most used, will be "Pages". This will link you to the hive of scum and villainy that waits beyond. That will be where you go to add blog posts, or edit pages, or even read through some of the drafts of articles Frank never had the nerve to post... And, if you look hard, you might even find the long abandoned object of legend... Josh's Completely Unfinished "Shift" Review! Yes. Everything and everything that is of any real import on the site can be found by clicking on pages. Once you're an established author, or Carmen, you'll be given your own little about me page. This page will be initially created by Frank, but once it is live you can edit it to your heart's content... again, by taking the trip to Pages!

Of smaller note, is the little head icon down there at the bottom. This is your personal hub, and can be used for all kinds of behind the scenes unimportant personal stuff that to the best of my knowledge no one can ever see. It is also the place you go to change your password.

For your personal enjoyment, take a look at Frank's dummy account. The image below is what you will see when you click on the circle... Well, you won't have an Avatar at first, Frank added the Happy face for shits and giggles.

I don't particularly recommend hitting the "Create New Site" tab... playing with that creates a whole new level of complications, and honestly it isn't worth it at this juncture. The big thing you'll want to play with is the "Edit Profile" link. Which will open up the following window:

On the left where you see the Happy Face, is where you will click to add an avatar for yourself. If you haven't set an Avatar, you'll have the goofy little head image that shows up by default. 

From this screen you can edit your email, link to a Google+ profile, and change your password. Along the top you'll also notice several tabs. In all honesty, none of those should ever really be needed for anything whatsoever. It's just putting more info about you into the site's database... And well, you don't have to provide more info than you absolutely want. Hell, Frank uses a fake name, you can, too!



Lets move on to page 2, shall we?