Well you've made it to the second page of the tutorial! Congratulations! This means I didn't screw up with my links, or that you are really good at guessing urls.

So, we are ready to move on to the next step... Behold, the Sidebar that will appear when you press on "Pages"!

This Sidebar is where you will find EVERY page we have created. All the links on the top of the page are found under the Main Navigation area. Sub blogs, static pages, all kinds of fun stuff lives here. This is where you will look for your personal page. You'll see the links for some of them hiding up there at the top of the "About Us" Section.

If you ask, you can also be given your own sub-blog, where you can say whatever you want, no censorship whatsoever. Not that Frank really censors people, but in the sub-blogs you can say anything, it's a personal blog, where you could write about your personal faith, political leanings, what you had for breakfast today, the quality of your last bowel movement, whatever you want. Although, I highly recommend not talking about your bowel movements, that is what Facebook is for!

The main page Frank spends his time on is the one listed as "Blog" right there at the top. That's the homepage, so... it is kind of the most important of all the pages. Go there, if you want to make a new post, or edit an old post, or just get a lay of the land.

There are some random  post format suggestions we have, and if you email Frank at slamfistmedia@gmail.com, he can send you that list. But, those are mostly suggestions so we can try and keep things relatively uniform. They are by no means set in stone, because frankly Frank does his own thing a lot of times while writing, and we don't want to smother your creativity.

This next section will detail the basics of the blog tab! Because Frank took a lot of time making all of these images and he insists on using them all! He is stubborn like that.



Behold the Blog Sidebar! This rally gives a good idea of what Frank was doing when he started this Tutorial. As you can see, he is attempting his hand at writing about music at the time, but... that is unimportant to the conversation at hand.

Up top, you will see the + button. This is the button you will hit if you are ready to start a new post! If you're making a post about something, and have to leave to work on something else, you can save it, (we'll cover that shortly, don't worry)

You'll see the "<--- Pages" link up there at the top, this is the place to go back to the previous section, and want to work on a page instead.

You can also use the Search bar, if you are trying to find a specific post.

The Gear next to the + is used primarily by Frank, to change the settings of the blog itself. Please don't mess with the Gear. There is a lot of work that went into this, and screwing with the gear could ruin it all.

Once a post has been saved in draft form, or once it has been scheduled to be posted, you can easily find it again by clicking on either the Drafts or Scheduled tab up at the top!

Last bit about this I'm going to discuss currently, is that little garbage can down at the bottom. This is where Oscar the Grouch lives. Also, where all of the various trashed articles go to hide. If you accidentally trash a post, it should be able to be found there, lurking in the realm of forgotten blogs.





Once you click on the + button above, the following window should be opened to you:

There is a lot going on here. So this is going to take a little while to explain.

Naturally you have the Post title in that first box. Self explanatory, mostly.  We currently have a sort of naming convention for the various posts.

-REVIEW: "TITLE OF FILM" for movies
-CRITICAL HIT: "NAME OF GAME" for Board/Card Games.

Etc. The naming conventions are also contained in a file, email Frank, he can get you the list. If it's not mentioned on the list, feel free to name it whatever you want!

The body of the post, even more self explanatory, yet... The next section will cover that in depth.

Tags and Categories- This are used to categorize posts. So readers can search more easily for content that appeals to them. Feel free to search through them. Use the ones you want, if you don't see one that applies to your post, feel free to create a new one.

Let's move on to the body of the post.  The writing part is fairly easy. You know what you want to say. But what if you want to embed a video, or add images, or.... Well, anything that doesn't involve typing, Involves clicking on that strange pointed circle. Clicking on that, will bring up the following Pop Up:

Lots of fun stuff going on here. You can add a new text block (If you accidentally added your image before typing) You can place block quotes, images, videos... You get the picture.

There is a lot of fun stuff you can do here. Frank's most often used ones are the "Embed" and "Image" links.

I honestly encourage playing around with these in a blank blog post, just to figure out how they work, and what you can do with them. Further elaboration will be included in future chapters of this tutorial/ full on Masterclass. ... Frank is bad at this...