Character Profile: Vor-Khai

Name: Vor-Khai

Nickname: Khai

Alias: The Imperial (Foundation Era), Marcus Moore (given human identity)

Birth date: 92 Earth Years

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 280 lbs

Body Type: Tall and Bulky (body builder), claws on hands and feet, no nose or ears

Hair color: Bald

Eye color: White

Ethnicity: Ka'shasi (blue skinned alien)


Ka'Vor (Imperial Guard) of the High Queen Silaria


Missing In Action



  • Visceral Athlete – His body lends itself to pull off incredible feats that are twice what any human can pull off. Basically everything that the top athlete in any given category can do physically; Khai can do almost double.

  • Q'wenu Footed (parkour) – Khai's ability to move fluidly through his lush, jungle home planet; allows him to move even quicker here on Earth.

  • Trained Hypermobility - Khai can disjoint his body/limbs to fit into otherwise smaller spaces and in combat to avoid damage.

  • Ka'Vor Warrior - Trained by his people, Khai fights with a unique fluid combination of what looks like Kung-Fu, Savate, and Jiu-Jitsu.

  • Ka'shasi's Breath - Khai ages extremely slow. Average life span for a Ka'shasi can be over +400 Earth years


We're currently writing his origin as a side project. Check out the various entire below:

The Prelude

Chapter 1: The Valley of Uchuu-mura

Chapter 2: Western Winds (coming soon)

Chapter 3: Storms & Stories (coming soon)

Chapter 4: The Road at Two Births (coming soon)


On Earth, Khai is a very cautious individual. He tries to be civil at every turn unless he's forced to defend himself. Khai is also quite tame and tends to be more insightful than he lets on. Though we don't have the technology yet to send him back; he does continue to seek for answers.


Khai is something we want to build on in many different ways. He's a gateway to the past being a founding member of "The Foundation" and he's also attached to another rich and overly developed story from beyond the stars. He's the all knowing guardian for this new generation of Powers and a key part to the story as a whole.